Heart reunion is the year | eastern Henan village during the Spring Festival do not set off firecrackers to spend a peaceful and peaceful New Year

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New Year did not smoke smoke smell, the air quality is good, the night sky can see the stars…This year is the third year that the city has implemented a ban on fireworks and firecrackers, and residents are really feeling the benefits of the ban.Enter the twelfth month, Qizhuang xiangcheng Qianfo Ge street community began to implement a ban on fireworks work.”In the early stage, door-to-door distribution of fireworks safety management commitment, to ensure that every resident is aware of this matter, and signed a personal commitment to not store and set off fireworks.We advocate the voluntary surrender of fireworks stored at home.”Qi zhuang community branch member Fan Dongliang said, a total of hanging propaganda banned fireworks banners more than 30, signed a security commitment more than 700, 7 village cadres into the household propaganda, so that everyone knows.On February 3, the third day of the lunar calendar, qizhuang community epidemic prevention and control detection point in qianfo Ge street, the community party branch secretary, director of the neighborhood Committee Han Baozhen is on duty.She said the prevention and control of the epidemic and the implementation of a ban on fireworks are priorities during the Spring Festival and should not be careless.The community has assigned special personnel to be on duty at the card points for epidemic prevention and control every day, and has been disseminating epidemic prevention and control knowledge, registration information and screening of returnees since early January last year.Now after the New Year, many people visit their relatives and friends, and village officials should register the information of those who come and go at the card points for epidemic prevention and control to ensure that there are no problems.In addition, qianfo Ge Street during the Spring Festival organized public security organs, judicial organs and various community staff to carry out joint law enforcement, every day uninterrupted propaganda to prohibit fireworks, let everyone have a peaceful, peaceful Spring Festival.”Fireworks and firecrackers are banned, which seems to make the Spring Festival a little less festive, but the air quality is much better than before, without the smell of smoke.The air is good, the sky is blue, and I can see many stars at night.”Qian Fo Ge street Qi Zhuang community resident Chen Yong said.(Great River Network)