“Next year to send, then open pendulum!”Tian made fun of JKL and the left hand meme, calling TES “whatever.

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Introduction: During this period of vacation, many LPL professional players like to live broadcast “sailing”, including Xiaotian, Bin and others.However, TES’s left hand and JackeyLove have been discussed more often. They seem to know their own rhythm and have not shown their live broadcast, while Tian is more active.Because the spring competition was still suspended, the competition did not start, and the players were busy playing other games.Tian interacted with Bin more during the live broadcast, and the effect of the two programs was full.This time Bin heard the voice in Tian’s studio and asked him if JackeyLove was talking next to him.Tian has recently teased Sofm about their short vacation time. He has already started work. It seems normal to hear JackeyLove’s voice in the studio, but Tian denied his guess and said it was the anchor’s voice.Small day said: is not ear ear bad ah you, how can this be JackeyLove, this is BYG97, food and loud voice.Sofm asked Tian if it was inappropriate for him to play other games while he was at work.Sofm is curious: Is it okay with TES?”I don’t know,” tian said. “It sounds a little rusty.This season, TES has been called “brother LOL”, with Knight and JackeyLove playing together, tian and Zoom as brothers.The double C line “Next year if you rush, then open s” sounds so good that it became the bro LOL hashtag.Unfortunately, some people distorted it into “send it next year, so open”, which makes us laugh and cry.”Next year to send, then open pendulum!”Small day joke JKL and left stem small day joke TES first day of work doesn’t matter, Fenfen hurried to answer: oh, that…..Small day follow ridicule: that open pendulum!Fenfen said: Next year.Indeed, playing other small games on the first day of work seems to have given up the game. Maybe TES will start playing wild or Xiaopeng, Tian is joking about this.He made fun of Knight and JackeyLove, but the contestants are very close, so TIAN probably didn’t mean to make fun of them.When Fenfen said that, he said, “Don’t say that!Just over the New Year to be lucky, ready to rush, the New Year has just begun.Tian also wants to start the game, but he is not in good form.Tian once won coach Bsyy’s trust in the German Cup, but now he is xiaopeng’s replacement, it is difficult to return to the original position.Personal opinion: TES the start of this season is really not good, hit the middle of the team or three to two results, then they have to meet EDG this kind of team, TES can hold up?No wonder Tian and Fenfen joke with each other, maybe they don’t have much confidence.This article by the cat head bag original, welcome to pay attention to, with your knowledge!