Owen is under fire again!Harden finally got a boost, James returned to the Cavs, nets and Lakers again

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February 19, the 2022NBA all-star game officially kicked off, today will be the all-star rookie challenge, the final result is Barry team beat Thomas team, this is the stage for young people to show themselves.Today’s all-star players are very different from what they used to be. The overall level of players is lower than it was in the first decade of the 21st century, when the league had “four quarterbacks” and “three forwards” and a star-studded interior with shaquille O ‘Neal, Yao Ming and Dwight Howard.The NBA is still dependent on James as the face of the game, but he has grown old and no new generation has emerged, leaving Curry and Durant struggling to attract attention.It has to be said that the NBA is on the decline, and its international dominance has declined significantly. To get back to the top of the ratings league, it needs another superstar like Joko.In this article, I would like to share some of the latest NBA news for readers, which is summarized as follows: Kyrie Irving is under fire again!Harden finally gets support, James returns to Cavs, Nets and Lakers again!First Owen gets shelled again!Today, Owen posted a couple of pictures on his social media account, including selfish love and the fact that no one likes a talented kid, which has been criticized again by fans, because he is still in his own world, not that no one likes a talented kid, but that no one likes a talented kid with a lot of problems.I think Owen is very skilled, but his character is not mature enough, too much ego, lack of team spirit, difficult to become a great success.Irving’s current antics as a professional athlete are overextending his career, and when his contract expires, if no team re-signs him, he will be out of the spotlight, which has much to do with being a hot team in the Nets.Harden is a very good player, he has been watching him play for a long time, he is an offensive talent, having such a player on the team, will undoubtedly improve the chances of championship.Remember those two years in the Fire, harden had a bit of luck, otherwise he would have won a championship, and then he died in the Rockets, but things didn’t work out that way, and now harden is running around for a championship, for a belief, and after he leaves the Nets, it’s not fair for him.According to Pompey, Harden is on good terms with his sixers teammates, organizing card games on road trips and coaching them at practice.Harden is expected to make his All-Star debut after the all-star game because of injuries.Harden is averaging 22.5 points, 8.0 rebounds and 10.2 assists per game, which is a very good overall performance. Statistically speaking, his scoring is down a bit, but his organization is still outstanding, which means that he is sacrificing his own ball in the Nets to focus more on the team offense, so as to run for a championship.But had no choice but to meet Owen such a strange teammate, was forced to leave.Now get the recognition of the cloth shuai, finally is for their name.Following his return to Cleveland, James posted a giant poster of himself on social media with the caption, “Long time no see!”Just now, he posted another update: Hometown boy back la la la!Kids from Akron.I have to say, it’s really emotional for lebron to return to Cleveland today, and I hope he can play well in the game and live up to the expectations of his folks.One of the biggest criticisms of Lebron’s career so far has been his frequent team changes. Objectively speaking, neither the Heat nor the Lakers are his teams, only the Cavs are, and that’s why the 2016 championship was so significant, putting him squarely in the top three of all time.Finally, the Nets and lakers are in the hunt for Dragic, and the Bucks are a strong contender, according to vojens.Dragic is a free agent and is available to sign at any time, and with such a hot star in demand, it’s hard to say where he will end up.The Nets and lakers have been in contention since last offseason, and any quality player available on the free market will be targeted by them. Both teams are looking to bolster their rosters to win the championship, and now it’s time to see who will be the winner.But then again, it’s time for these two guys to make it to the playoffs, let alone the championship.That’s all for this article, thank you for reading, I will update the latest NBA news every day, look forward to your attention.