State Grid Xinhua County power supply company spring inspection to ensure reliable power supply

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Massachusetts moment loudi March 11 – (correspondent blayne Wen-chu zhang) on March 10, xinhua 35 kv substation in the hole, its Chinese xinhua county electric power supply company substation maintenance staff was nervous busy with her work, and the circuit breaker, protection devices, such as to carry out the maintenance test, eliminate defects, guarantee the healthy operation of substation equipment to ensure reliable power supply.The 35 kV Qiaodong Power station is located in Menggong Town, Xinhua County. The transformer for users was built in High speed by Xin Xu previously, and then transferred to Xinhua Company for capacity expansion. Now there are 1 main transformer of 6300 kVA and 8000 kVA respectively.In the spring safety inspection, in order to improve the healthy operation level of the substation, The State Grid Xinhua County Power Supply Company sent substation maintenance personnel to carry out a comprehensive inspection and test of the equipment. “In the maintenance of the substation under the tunnel, we accurately arranged the maintenance tasks every day, and the main transformer of No. 1 and No. 2 operated alternately.The line load transfer to yitang 220 kV substation and Baixi 110 kV substation supply belt, does not affect the power supply of users.”Xinhua company substation maintenance special Liu Ge introduction.In the process of inspection, xinhua company substation maintenance personnel according to the operation of plan and strictly abide by rules of safe operation, on each line in the station spacing, main transformer, circuit breaker, protection devices, such as to conduct a comprehensive inspection, isolating switch, circuit breaker insulation test and characteristic test, transformer ratio test, protective device testing and calibration, protection setting for the check.The defects found in the main transformer, such as slight oil seepage and general heating, were dealt with in time, a damaged control status display device was replaced, and the equipment and environmental hygiene in the station were cleaned comprehensively, greatly improving the health level of substation equipment.As an important part of the spring safety inspection of Xinhua Company, the overhaul of the substation under the 35 kV hole guaranteed the safe and stable power supply of Menggong, Baixi, Langtang and other towns, and also laid a solid foundation for the safe and stable operation of Xinhua power grid during the peak summer period.Source: Rednet Author: Liu Qing, Zhang Wenchu Editor: Zhang Sun Wenqi This article is the original loudi station article, reprint please attach the original source link and this statement.This paper links:, all peer originator, hail to the original