A 17-year-old man in Henan province was devastated when his girlfriend gave birth to their baby just four days after they met on a blind date

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Dating is presumably most of the young men and women have experienced, but most believe in dating people are not willing to go to the second time, two people who were originally unknown met began to ask each other’s basic situation, this how to think how embarrassed, and when dating, also do not know each other what is a man, if married to get to know more,It’ll be too late to regret it.Not long ago, a beautiful woman in Hangzhou posted a blind date experience for her brother on the Internet. After reading the text, netizens expressed that it was too outrageous, and some netizens said that they would never dare to go on a blind date again. So how outrageous a blind date did this beautiful woman’s brother experience?For the sake of explanation, let’s call the beauty’s younger brother Xiao Jun, and the girl on her blind date Xiao Mei.Xiao Jun was jiaxian, Henan, only 17 years old at that time, although he was only 17 years old, but his parents have for his marriage to worry about, parents should be so think, let Xiao Jun in an object, age to get married directly, which saves the time to find objects and understand each other.Later, Xiaojun met Xiaomei through the introduction of a friend. The two talked for a few days on the mobile phone, and found that they were quite chatting, so they made an appointment to xiaojun’s home for a formal kiss on the second day of the first lunar month.Turn of an eye arrived date day, small handsome still dressed designedly one time.Soon, xiao Mei arrived, xiao Mei looks like a week, the age is almost the same as Xiao Jun, and they had talked for some time before, both parents are more satisfied, so they simply let xiao Mei live in Xiao Jun’s home, so that the two children to develop a relationship.Small joon for small beauty overall still very satisfied, but it is one thing to let her strange, is little beauty was clearly still pretty slim, and she is always dressed in a loose clothes in particular, the whole people like covered by a sheet, although feel strange, but I can’t show small joon also, perhaps this is a small beautiful dress style.But four days later, xiao Jun’s doubts were answered. It was the sixth day of the first lunar month. Xiao Mei suddenly complained of a stomachache, xiao Jun’s family didn’t know what was wrong with her, so they hurriedly sent her to the hospital.Suddenly said the little beauty to go to the toilet, the small joon will help her to the door of the toilet, after a long while, the little beauty finally came out and looked very pale, because she said my stomach pain, small joon also didn’t ask more, but little beauty but don’t know what happened to determined to leave the hospital, the small joon some wonder, just not to say that the stomach, how just hang up the number going?Before he could ask, there was a commotion and a doctor found a baby in the urinal with its head down the drain. The doctor had no time to think and rushed the baby out.In a short while, the police arrived at the scene, through the monitoring of the toilet door, the police found small beauty.After some time of inquisition, small beautiful admit the child is her to give birth to, this can frighten small handsome big jump, originally small beautiful bellyache is because want to give birth to a child, small handsome’s parents also feel unbelievable, small beautiful how suddenly gave birth to a child?So they asked Mei what was going on, but she refused to say or contact her parents.Finally the police launched an investigation, the original small family, parents, and even the name of beauty are fake, she grew up with grandparents, parents have long divorced and restructuring their respective families, as to who is the father of the child, even small beauty didn’t know, a small joon learned the truth after all anger, combined with is to find a flange in their home.Finally, xiao Jun’s family left, and xiao Mei is holding the child at a loss, the police also persuaded her to contact their parents for help, but she said nothing.And she will be a children’s behavior in the toilet is already suspected of a crime, according to the criminal law of the People’s Republic of China, article two hundred and sixty-one for the old and young, sick or any other person without independent life ability, have the obligation to bring up and refused to support, if the circumstances are flagrant, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years, criminal detention or public surveillance.Fortunately, doctors caught it in time and the tragedy was averted.And the hide a little handsome, she tried to make small flange of behavior is not worth advocate, even if she can keep the small joon a child is born, small joon will certainly find something wrong in the future, even if the two were married after the appropriate age to license, small joon also can through legal channels to terminate a marriage.In accordance with Article 1,079 of the Civil Code, if one of the husband and wife requests divorce, the relevant organization may conduct mediation or directly file divorce proceedings with the people’s court.In handling divorce cases, the people’s court shall conduct conciliation;Divorce shall be granted if mediation fails if mutual affection has really broken down.Divorce shall be granted if mediation fails under any of the following circumstances :(1) bigamy or cohabitation with another person;(2) to commit domestic violence or maltreat or abandon family members;(3) they have such bad habits as gambling and drug taking that they have failed to change;(4) two years of separation due to emotional discord;(5) other circumstances leading to the breakdown of affection between husband and wife.Of course, this is all envisaged, now happened such things, small jun nature is how far to run far, after all, he only 17 years old, where experienced so outrageous things.Finally, I advise young men and women to love themselves and protect themselves outside, otherwise there will be no good end.In addition, you must be careful about your marriage. After all, you have to choose the other half to accompany you for the rest of your life. If the two don’t get along, you will suffer in the end.You have to think about whether you are ready before you plan to have a child. If you bring a child into the world on a whim, you will suffer not only yourself but also the child.