Go and win!Guangqi Honda new car owners pay tribute to 9 million dream pursuers

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“For every 160 people on 9.6 million square kilometers, there is one H-person.They go far for their love and they don’t look back.”On February 14th, On Valentine’s Day, guangqi Honda’s new car owner story documentary “Start is the Champion” premiered online, and made an emotional confession to 9 million dream chasers.This completely by the owner of the interpretation of the documentary interpretation of countless “Guangben fans” love spirit: dream, is the starting point, and set out, is the champion!In February 2022, GAC Honda entered a new historical moment of cumulative production and sales of 9 million units.In the dream of the road, Guangqi Honda deeply feel the strong, love, faith of countless users, and go all out for the dream.Nine million trust and support, also give Guangqi Honda more courage.Never forget the original aspiration of “user-centered”. Supported by the power of love and dream, GAC Honda has been setting out to sincerely accompany the owners and fans to continue to innovate and surpass, and create wonderful records belonging to each other.Every time they set out, they let the dream hot start that is the champion, is persistent in the pursuit of love and dream of the ultimate, but also a constantly beyond the spirit of challenge.Guangqi Honda “start is the champion” this film out of the mirror are real owners.”From exploration to pursuit, the final result is like a process of life. This is the greatest pleasure that driving brings to me.”Wang Chao, the owner of The Odyssey, changed his career path for the love of his heart, quit his stable job in the system, and started his favorite tourism industry.The road to his dream was not smooth, but for his dream, he stepped out of his comfort zone bravely and set out with a new vision every time.”Follow your heart for your feelings.”Accord owner Tang Yingbo, despite suffering from synovitis, lumbar disc herniation, still adhere to the practice of BREAKING dance love.The classic Accord that accompanied his entire entrepreneurial experience witnessed him to dream, sweat like rain countless days and nights.Because of love, so insist, because insist, so more love!Dare to dare, go is the champion!Guangqi Honda 9 million owners have a very similar champion spirit, they dare to dream, dare to think, dare to do.They never give up hope in their ordinary life like gravel, and blossom their dreams like stars with love.They march forward and never give up, even if the outside world does not understand, and they embrace changes on the road again and again, creating and refreshing their own records.With love and persistence, 9 million “Fans” make dream, an abstract word, become concrete and real.Countless Guangqi Honda owners tell the outside world with their own stories, every ordinary people can live an extraordinary life, regardless of age, regardless of gender, as long as the heart love to start, is the champion of their own life!9 million encounters, surpassing the champion who never stops starting, is the spiritual character of 9 million owners of GAC Honda, and this “soul encounter” also provides a strong motivation for GaC Honda to continuously challenge to better itself.In the past 24 years, GaC Honda has always stayed true to its original aspiration, truly understood what users needed and what users thought, and put “user-centered” on the value chain of the whole life cycle of users’ car life, providing 9 million users with products that meet market demands and extreme intimate services, opening a new vision of car life.This “original brand intention” also supports GUANGqi Honda to create many “firsts” in the industry: the first to introduce global models in China, the first to introduce the “four-in-one” special sales service model, the first to hold vehicle-to-vehicle crash test and pedestrian protection crash test in China, etc.In terms of user communication, Guangqi Honda is doing its best, with both the insight of the forerunner and the persistence of “to the vast and all subtle”.On the one hand, Guangqi Honda has a broad and lofty dream, on the other hand, it also pays attention to and respects every car owner, pursues with extreme details, insight into the needs of “every you”, and supports the dreams of “every you”.”You have the passion, I have the track”, “you have the dream, I have the stage”, targeting at different groups of people, GUANGqi Honda uses a variety of creative activities to meet the different needs of performance players, posture players and life experts, and strive to achieve spiritual resonance, create synchronization, value leading.From the high quality standardization in the 1.0 era, the efficiency optimization in the 2.0 era, to the new service brand “Fun Link creates a car life” in the 3.0 era, GaC Honda takes people and vehicles as the double core, spans the upgrading experience value, provides users with the quality experience of the whole life cycle, and realizes creating a better life with more car owners.At present, the number of members of “FUN”, the member platform of GAC Honda, has exceeded 3.5 million. Since the launch of GAC Honda APP in August 2021, the registered users have reached 1.75 million.Upholding integrity and innovating to the future is the original intention of constantly challenging higher goals, which makes Guangqi Honda frequently break “records” and create “circles” and continue to create a precedent in the industry.For example, not satisfied with the “instant success” of the first Manic Dream Festival, GAC Honda turned this “fan feast” into a phenomenon-level brand cultural IP, achieving scale and creativity upgrade for three consecutive years;Not satisfied with the establishment of regular car Club, GAC Honda established dream Fellow Club, gathering top celebrities of track and trend culture, to help the development of Chinese local car culture;In addition, Guangqi Honda also set up the largest civilian team – Manic dream team, for car friends to realize the dream of the TOP international professional track.These groundbreaking activities, because fully fit the needs of users, attract more and more passionate “Guangzhou Fans” who pursue their dreams, and the owners of Guangzhou Honda from all walks of life have gradually formed a huge owner circle culture and fan system, Guangzhou Honda opened a brand new cultural ecology jointly built by the brand and users.User relationships have only continuous tense, not perfect tense.Guangqi Honda condensed the power of dreams to reach a new starting point of 9 million units of cumulative production and sales, but also the user’s thinking deeply engraved in the brand gene, for their own to build a strong “moat”.Next, GaC Honda will continue to be the most powerful and warm “dream fellow traveler”, and 9 million “H star people” continue to hand in hand, starting is the champion!