Jingyang Police arrested 4 Internet fugitives during Spring Festival

2022-06-19 0 By

In order to ensure that the people spend a safe and peaceful Spring Festival, during the Spring Festival, jingyang County public Security Bureau all staff on duty, simultaneously carry out fireworks and firecrackers ban, epidemic prevention and control, security and stability and other work, at the same time, seize the Spring Festival during the advantageous opportunity to pursue fugitives, strengthen the pursuit of fugitives, captured four consecutive online fugitives.On January 30, the criminal investigation brigade of Jingyang County Public Security Bureau carried out a precise attack and successfully captured an online fugitive.Recently, the police after careful combing, criminal investigation brigade successfully mastered an Internet fugitive fan xx information, further after the platoon, lock fan XX activity track.On the night of January 30, police rushed to Gaoling District, Xi ‘an city, after several hours of surveillance, in the early morning of the same day successfully captured the Internet fugitive Fan xx.After investigation, the suspect, Fan Xx, was chased online by Xincheng Branch of Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau in 2013 because of the crime of fraud.At present, Fan has been handed over to xi ‘an Public Security Bureau Xincheng branch.2, at the end of the bridge police station arrested suspected theft of Internet fugitives on January 31, according to the arrangement of the county bureau, at the end of the bridge police station in the development of fugitives in the platoon, found that hainan Haikou police with suspected theft of Internet fugitives zhang is likely to sneak back home, the police quickly arranged personnel control, at 8 in the evening in its home successfully captured.After interrogation, Zhang confessed to the criminal facts of its theft.At present, Zhang is being handed over to haikou, Hainan police.3, jiang road police station arrested suspected of fraud on the Internet fugitive on January 31, according to the county bureau of arrangement, jiang road police station to Mr Wu zhen at large personnel MoPai learn clues, on suspicion of fraud by fu yulin valley police Internet pursuit ma likely sneaking into the home, the police rapid deployment arrests, on the same day evening 10 when success will be captured in the home.After interrogation, Ma mou confessed to the criminal facts of its fraud.At present, Ma is handing over yulin Palace valley police.4, xinglong station was deliberately harm Internet fugitive February 1, xinglong station when conducting at large personnel MoPai learn clues, on suspicion of intentional injury were liquan county public security bureau Internet pursuit of zhang himself back home recently, police quickly arrange personnel to monitor, 10 PM on February 1, captured in their home.After interrogation, Zhang mou to its intentional injury of criminal facts confessed.At present, Zhang is handing over liquan police.Police remind Jingyang public security warned fugitives, do not have a fluke psychology, surrender as soon as possible, for leniency is the right way.At the same time, the police reminded that those who conceal, harbor or provide convenience to fugitives will be held accountable in accordance with the law.