Tadalafil is a few dollars a pill, why is a low daily dose a better choice?This article tell

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In middle-aged and older men, many friends have their own “unspeakable”.With the increase of age, the probability of male dysfunction will gradually increase, a survey conducted in China’s major cities shows that more than 40 percent of Chinese men over the age of 40 have some degree of male dysfunction.For this common male health problem, we should not treat it as a single physiological problem in isolation, male dysfunction, often affect the male psychological state, will also affect the harmony of husband and wife relationship, the quality of life of the elderly, will also cause a certain impact.More significantly, there is a growing body of evidence-based medical evidence that male dysfunction is an early symptom and danger signal of cardiovascular disease and associated risk chronic disease.Hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular diseases and other related chronic diseases are inextricably linked with male dysfunction.Hypertension, atherosclerosis affects the blood supply of sponge, affect male function, and diabetic neuropathy caused by such, will also affect the male function, therefore, for friends, male dysfunction problems the comorbidity of these potential problems, must be more careful, regular screening related health problems,Sometimes, if the blood pressure and blood sugar can be controlled in time, the problem of male dysfunction can be improved and relieved.And, in turn, the male dysfunction organic disease is found in most cases, the cause and vascular endothelial dysfunction, and some associated with changes of metabolism related molecular indicators, and the change of these features, is also the onset of cardiovascular disease risk factors, therefore, male dysfunction and has the close relationship between cardiovascular disease risk,Attention should be paid to the comorbid risk factors of both diseases, especially to the risk control of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Friend for a male dysfunction, therefore, the first thing to do is not to take medicine, but to understand their own any related metabolic disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and other common diseases in old people, should be positive, reasonable control, only in positive control related diseases, at the same time do a good job in a healthy diet in their daily lives,Strengthening exercise and other aspects of conditioning interventions under the premise of functional problems still exist, before considering the use of drugs or some other treatment to improve the remission of the problem.Male dysfunction in terms of drug therapies, to the west of the representative theories of phosphodiesterase type 5 PDE5 inhibitor drugs are currently clinical first-line drugs, these drugs through the inhibition of the specificity of the enzyme activity, so as to achieve degradation reduce vascular active substances, improving health degree of vascular endothelial cells, promote vascular expansion ability, improve the effect of male dysfunction,Direct and clear effect, is a lot of friends are taking a class of drugs.In all kinds of phosphodiesterase type 5 listed drugs, a drug particularly favored by many people, the drug is “tadalafil”, compared with sildenafil short-acting drugs, such as tadalafil effect time longer in the body, drug effect to the longest time can reach 36 hours, I can say today is a kind of ate, the second day also help drug,The long-acting characteristics of this drug make it become a drug that many friends are taking at present.Sildenafil drugs such as compared, in terms of drug prices, tadalafil have been relatively high some, but along with the continuously have listed domestically produced generic drugs, more and more fierce market competition, and drug prices have fallen sharply, at present the current low doses of tadalafil, can buy the regular medicine shop name product prices have been a few bucks, price is relatively high, so to speak.In terms of usage and dosage, unlike sildenafil and other drugs, which can be used at a higher dose to achieve the “one-step” usage, many doctors tend to choose the minimum dose of 5mg when prescribing tadala for daily use. What are the advantages of such a medication?In what situations is it suitable?Today’s popular science article, to introduce the relevant knowledge in this respect.The advantage of tadalafil being taken daily at a low dose is that unlike drugs such as sildenafil, tadalafil has a longer drug half-life, meaning that the drug stays in the body longer, so it is better to maintain a stable blood concentration in the body when taken daily.Studies show that when there are more than 90% of PDE5 is inhibited, the drug will produce significant improvements to male dysfunction, and to achieve this effect generated by the tadalafil IC90 plasma concentrations of 55 ng/mL, choose 5 mg dose, daily use, can reach steady state after 5 days of blood drug concentration, and if you continue to take,Tadalafil is a more suitable class of drugs for low dose daily administration than other drugs.Tadalafil is taken daily in low doses and has several advantages over other drugs taken on demand.The first is to reduce time concerns and make the couple’s life more harmonious and natural.Clinical trials have shown that tadalafil, taken daily at low doses, is effective in alleviating male dysfunction problems and is well tolerated by patients.And daily medication, can make the drug and act of husband and wife separation, even after taking since morning, evening can also act, without having to deliberately go “plan ahead” husband and wife life, reduce the medication psychological dependence and oppressive feeling, enhance self-confidence, also can make the life of husband and wife more casual, natural, more in line with the majority of people “natural, happy, normal” in the treatment of demand,It has good psychological benefits.Second, a low-dose, daily regimen improves male functioning outside of conjugal life.Many male dysfunction, starts from the morning Bob phenomenon disappears, therefore, as an important symbol of men confidence, low daily doses of the drug, to improve the function of the male at night, early in the morning, also has a significant effect, these changes may seem useless, in fact for men to establish self-confidence, improve get along with your partner function to improve and maintain,All very important.Third, the low-dose, daily approach tends to be more “curative” than on-demand.Vascular endothelial dysfunction is an important cause of male dysfunction.Low daily doses of tadalafil, taken over a period of time, improved vascular endothelial cell health.Research has shown that after taking tadalafil endothelial progenitor cell number increase, also has a lot to improve endothelial cell function, especially for hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes and other diseases of male patients, tadalafil will not only improve the function of the male, also can through improve endothelial cell function, increase intracellular calcium ion concentration,Improve hemodynamic indexes and other effects, bring additional benefits of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.Fourth, the daily use of tadalafil medication has a good effect on improving the lower urinary tract symptoms of male benign prostatic hyperplasia.This is another kind of tadalafil additional benefit, male dysfunction, in patients who have a lot of have prostate problems, tadalafil, except can effectively improve the function of the male can also help to improve the symptoms of urinary tract, in the early treatment can produce significant effect, and can also be combined with other prostate treatment drugs.Fifth, improve patient tolerance.One-time taking large doses of sildenafil or tadalafil, etc., although the effect may be stronger, but the increase of dosage, will also increase the risk of drug adverse reactions, headache, palpitations, muscle pain, adverse reactions such as congestion, are common adverse reactions, and choose low dose daily medication, maintaining blood drug concentration by means of long-term medication of steady state,It can reduce the risk of adverse reactions caused by large doses of drugs, improve the tolerance of patients to drugs, and make them easier to accept.Due to the advantages of the above aspects, coupled with the long-term characteristics of tadalafil itself, for tadalafil, the choice of low-dose daily medication is an option for many friends, which can get more health and psychological benefits than taking large doses of drugs as needed.Suitable population for low dose daily tadalafil 5mg daily medication is almost suitable for all male patients with functional disorders without drug contraindications, but based on domestic and foreign literature reports and clinical experience, the following patients are especially suitable for this medication.For patients with high frequency requirements, natural and casual marital life is required, or newly married or ovulation dysfunction patients.This way of taking medicine has more advantages in ensuring the frequency of husband and wife’s life and maintaining the natural and normal life of husband and wife.Male dysfunctions easily influenced by psychological factors or drug cues.For these people, tadalafil can be taken at a time that is completely separate from the behavior, reducing the psychological factors, the likelihood of medication effects, and reducing the psychological dependence of medication.For patients with poor effects or large side effects that cannot be tolerated by taking large doses of drugs, a low dose daily dose with tolerance or better can be considered.Low daily doses of tadalafil may also help improve lower urinary tract symptoms and quality of life in male dysfunctions with BPH and lower urinary tract symptoms.The combination of low daily doses of tadalafil in male dysfunction patients with low testosterone was associated with a significantly higher rate of improvement.In male dysfunction patients with diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease, daily low-dose tadalafil administration without marital conjunctivities can bring more vascular endothelial health benefits and help further reduce cardiovascular risk.The low-dose daily approach is also more suitable for men with functional dysfunction after nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy.Many friends are still concerned about the way of medication. Generally, the optimal daily dose of low-dose medication is 5mg, while patients with severe problems can also consider starting from 10mg and gradually reducing the dosage according to the treatment effect.How long should I take it daily?There are no strict requirements for this, generally should be more than 3 months.The specific duration of medication should be determined based on the improvement of male function. Patients taking medication should maintain a certain frequency of conjugal life, such as once to twice a week, and the improvement of function should be evaluated regularly, usually once a month.Can be combined with function to improve the situation to decide whether to need to adjust the treatment or stop taking drugs, if the patient’s score function hall, most couples are satisfied with their life, can consider to adjust the dose, the spontaneous sexual function returned to normal after, use drug can be changed to on-demand, according to situation gradually reduce risk, until the withdrawal or maintained with the minimum dose.The knowledge about tadalafil low-dose daily medication is introduced today. I hope you can get the knowledge about rational drug use that you want to know. The reason why you choose such a way of medication is to achieve the best efficacy of drugs with the smallest dose.We also welcome you to further forward and share, so that more people see such knowledge of medication.[1] Jiang H, Deng C H, Shang X J, et al. Consensus of Chinese experts on the treatment of erectile dysfunction with tadalafil 5mg once daily [J].[2] Liu Xuhong, Liu Xuan, Yan Xianjie, et al. The effect of different treatments on the body weight and body weight of patients with acute coronary heart disease [J]. Chinese Journal of Andrology, 2018, 01(V. 32):58-63+73.Study on the effect of tadalafil once-daily administration on sexual dysfunction in middle-aged and elderly [J]. China Urban and Rural Enterprise Health, 2017, 32(8):3.Li Yaoshi Talk health All Rights Reserved.