How much is the pension going up?Common prosperity how to do?It’s all over the place

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At present, the provincial two sessions have been held in most provinces. As a window to see the development of each region, the local version of the Government Work Report has attracted much attention from the outside world.Some hot, hot and even sensitive topics that will attract public attention in 2021 are reflected in local government work reports.The topic of “common prosperity” has been paid attention to in the 2022 local development plan, no matter in the east, central and western regions.Faced with this seemingly grand concept, the exploration of “pooling prosperity” in local editions is more detailed to every micro level of the economy, society and people’s livelihood, and its goal is to make people feel the sense of development.In Zhejiang province, a demonstration area of high quality development and common prosperity, common prosperity is a high-frequency word in this year’s government work Report.In the measures to achieve common prosperity, Zhejiang mentioned a bottom-line goal: the minimum annual standard of living security for urban and rural residents should reach 11,000 yuan, and the minimum annual standard of raising orphans should reach 21,000 yuan, ensuring that no one is left behind on the road to common prosperity.The central province of Shanxi has pledged to regulate income distribution and increase the proportion of middle-income people in the country so that ordinary people will have more money in their pockets.Anhui put forward “promoting the project of doubling middle-income groups”.In the west, Gansu province has made it clear this year that no matter how big the fiscal pressure is, spending on people’s livelihood will only increase, and doing practical things for the people will only increase.Shaanxi proposes to take the development of county economy as the strategic focus for the coordinated development of urban and rural areas and the promotion of common prosperity. “Cultivate a number of strong industrial counties, large agricultural counties and famous tourism counties, and realize the GDP growth rate of counties is one percentage point higher than that of the whole province.”File photo: Senior citizens exercise in the community.How much is the pension going up?How to delay retirement?The topic of delaying retirement has been included in the 14th Five-Year Plan and the outline of the 2035 vision released last year, and the principles of “small adjustments, flexible implementation, classified promotion, and overall consideration” have also been clarified at the national level.Pension and delayed retirement are important matters concerning the vital interests of the people.For example, last year, the basic pension for retirees in Jiangsu province increased by 4.5 percent per capita, the basic pension for enterprise retirees in Yunnan province increased 17 times in a row, and the minimum basic pension for rural and urban residents in Gansu province was raised to 113 yuan per person per month.As for the plan for this year, Shaanxi mentioned in the Government Work Report that it will implement the policy of delaying the legal retirement age, promote the national pooling of enterprise employees’ pension insurance, and ensure that pensions are paid on time and in full.Henan said it would implement the national pooling of basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees this year and “appropriately raise basic pensions for retirees.”Hebei also made it clear to raise the basic pension for retirees.Jiangsu raised the level of basic old-age insurance benefits for urban and rural residents, and implemented provincial-level centralized management of basic old-age insurance funds for enterprise employees.The picture shows nucleic acid testing for arriving passengers at Xi ‘an Railway Station.Local NPC and CPPCC not only talk about achievements and plans, but also face up to problems and reflect on shortcomings.The July 20 rainstorm disaster was included in the Government Work Report of Henan province, which specifically mentioned that “disaster prevention, relief and emergency response systems are not perfect”.Last summer, Henan was hit by several rounds of extremely heavy rains rarely seen in history, affecting 24.07 million people. The July 20 torrential rain also caused heavy casualties and property losses.”Accelerating post-disaster recovery and reconstruction” has been included in the ten key tasks listed by the Henan provincial government for 2022.The province proposed to “pay attention to the construction of urban ‘inner project’ and ‘hedging project'” and “improve the ability of underground transportation to avoid risks.”In addition, Henan also put forward a goal: after three years of efforts to comprehensively improve disaster prevention and reduction capacity, to the Party Central Committee and the people of the province to deliver an excellent report.Shaanxi’s Report on the Work of the Government mentioned the problems exposed in epidemic prevention and control, including the imperfect mechanism of regular epidemic prevention and control, and the weak links in urban emergency management, community-level governance and basic epidemic prevention system.Report also mentioned that last a certain enlightenment through to the people as the center of the development of ideas, insist on people first, life is the highest, sitting people this side of the bottom end to end, firmly establish a correct view, carry out investigation and study, thought that the question to value their opinion, do things based on people’s livelihood, under the big strength solving the problem of the masses “distress sorrow hope”.Source/China News network editor/Chen Xiaobing signed/Zhifei supervisor/Xi Shujun