Huakang Insurance Agent embraces new media and launches “Huakang Special Area” on customer Assistant

2022-06-20 0 By

In the digital age, insurance needs technology as well as content.In 2021, Huakang Has made many attempts on various platforms of new media, with obvious effects such as live broadcasting and public accounts.Just recently, set guest assistant online “Huakang special area”, and the public number synchronized the first insurance KOL column “Ledao insurance talk”.Teacher Le, the columnist of “Ledao Insurance Talk”, has been in the insurance industry for more than 20 years, and has been engaged in almost all business fields involved in the life insurance industry. She has served as the executive of fortune 500 companies, the executive of insurance groups and legal persons.His courses are humorous, and his deep understanding of the industry is evident in his words and deeds.It is also an opportunity to cooperate with Teacher Le on the occasion of leaving the old year and ushering in the new.The year 2021 is the construction year of internal control compliance management of insurance. The whole industry is advocating integrity, and business model and concept cognition should advance with The Times.After the active attempt of 2021, The new media channel of Huakang Baodai starts to be gradually straightened out.This cooperation hopes that more huakang partners can read Le’s article and share the “right view” and “mindfulness” in the insurance industry.If you want to know more about insurance, please pay attention to “Ledao Insurance Talk” in Huakang special area of jike assistant, and “Ledao Insurance Talk” column of Zhihu user “Lezhi” and “Ledao Insurance Talk” column of Huakang insurance agent public account.