Ordinary people at the bottom of the class can not work for long, business is becoming more and more difficult, where is the future?

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Some people doubt that ordinary people at the bottom can not afford to work, and it is more difficult to do business. Where is the future of ordinary people?Yes, now the bottom of the ordinary people are really confused, DO not know where the road ahead?In fact, however, the outlet for ordinary people at the bottom is still in the factory.In the absence of a better option, go to a factory and become a worker.To know, industry is the foundation of a country, industry will never be eliminated, to become a worker, to become a blue-collar is the best choice for ordinary people.The question now is, however, a factory, day and night to work overtime, two shifts, arbitrary abused dismissed employees, for young people, the factory had taken is a terrible place, therefore, our factory also need to change, must follow people-oriented, attaches great importance to the employees, the management of human nature, give employees enough time to rest,Only in this way can more people be attracted to the factory.