Southern observation | deepening reform to seek breakthroughs, the South China Sea year of the Tiger to open a new bureau

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At the beginning of the year of the Tiger, Foshan Nanhai was brave and fearless in its state of reform.On February 8, the eighth day of the Year of the Tiger, nanhai, Foshan, held the “First Meeting of the New Year”, with only one theme — to promote the comprehensive deepening of reform and speed up the construction of guangdong Province’s urban-rural integration development reform and innovation experimental zone.This is February 7 after the foshan Municipal Committee plenary session, the South China Sea fast implementation of the spirit of the plenary session of the Municipal committee of the conference.Gu Yaohui, secretary of nanhai District Party Committee, said that the South China Sea has long been known as the “four Tigers of Guangdong”.We will start the Year of the Tiger with concrete actions to deepen reform. The strength of the Tiger in the South China Sea deserves our attention.The reform of the South China Sea in the year of the Tiger, the first day of the Chinese New Year, has deep intention and sufficient materials.The same day the scene visited Dan kitchen town “empty heaven and earth” integration intelligent management pilot demonstration, and announced the “South Sea area to deepen reform comprehensively 3 years of action plan”.According to the South China Sea Action Plan, the provincial urban-rural integration pilot area will be used as a platform to systematically promote 26 reforms in nine areas.The reform covers the rural land system, the business environment, systems and mechanisms for industrial transformation and upgrading, systems and mechanisms for state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises, and systems and mechanisms for social governance.Dan kitchen town “empty heaven and earth integration” pilot of intelligent management demonstrates to look closely at reform of these 9 big respects, each kind has specific innovation move and point to target.For example, to improve the unified urban and rural construction land market, Nanhai will innovate the “housing bond” policy of sustainable property income on the basis of the “land bond”, and explore the “green bond” system of ecological land occupation balance.In deepening the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises, Nanhai strives to achieve state-owned assets of more than 150 billion yuan in 2022, and build no less than five enterprise groups with assets of more than 10 billion yuan.From the above nine aspects of reform, we can also clearly find two typical characteristics of the Reform of the South China Sea. First, the platform effect of the reform of the provincial urban-rural integration experimental area has been fully released, and the South China Sea is advancing systematically based on this, fully activating the role of the “key move” of the reform.Second, almost all of the reforms aim at “re-releasing the vitality of the system and mechanism”, and their goals are very clear. The key is to release the vitality of industrial transformation and social governance.Behind these two typical features, we can also see that the reform of the South China Sea has always been carried out with a strong sense of economic thinking and development.This is what reform is all about to promote high-quality development.The integrated intelligent governance pilot of “sky, earth and sky” in Danzao visited on the same day is backed by Zhongke Yuntu Company led by academicians, as well as the support of emerging industries represented by UAV, intelligent monitoring and intelligent remote sensing.Reform not only forces smart governance, but also promotes industrial transformation.Only in this way can reform sustain vitality and form synergy in a systematic way.In my opinion, the answer to why the reform of the South China Sea has always been able to shoulder the major responsibility and why a new round of comprehensive deepening of reform is worthy of expectation lies in such reform ideas.2 Why the South China Sea focuses on reform in the first session of the Year of the Tiger?Because the urban-rural integration reform undertaken by Nanhai has gained new benefits and will open up new challenges.At present, Guangdong province has approved the south China Sea county as a unit to carry out comprehensive land improvement pilot.This means that, in addition to individual authority, other countries can pilot the same provincial support policies, and the provincial level also provides flexible and diversified support in planning approval, indicator use, capital, finance and other aspects.This huge new policy benefit is not only the “unique magic weapon” of the reform of The South China Sea, but also represents the new breakthrough of the urban-rural integration reform.Greater authority on land issues means greater support for core reform and development, which will provide crucial support for the restructuring of production, living, ecological space and the high-quality integrated development of urban and rural areas.This also shows that nanhai has done a good job in the urban-rural integration reform in the past two years since it was approved to build the provincial urban-rural integration experimental area in July 2019, and has been highly recognized by Guangdong Province and Foshan City.The report of foshan Municipal Committee on February 7 clearly pointed out that “Nanhai District has accumulated some good experience and good practices through the construction of guangdong Province’s urban-rural integration development reform and innovation experimental area, and all districts should learn from it.”With greater reform authority and full recognition from superiors, Nanhai is bound to make greater contributions to reform and development.”Focusing on the general principle of making progress while maintaining stability, I have confidence in the South China Sea.”At the plenary session of foshan Municipal Party Committee just held, Zheng Ke, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, put forward when participating in the South China Sea group discussion, the first quarter has been half, the South China Sea to shoulder the responsibility, to promote economic and social development, for the city’s first quarter to open a good bureau, a good step to provide strong support.The South China Sea, with its heavy responsibility, is also very clear that only by sticking to reform to activate the driving force for development can we open up a new channel of accelerated development.This is the major mission of reform and the self-demand of The South China Sea.The rural-urban integration reform undertaken by Nanhai has gained new benefits and will open up new challenges.The picture shows the central axis of Cities in south China Sea.FIG. 3 The reform not only needs the determination of “slow work produces fine work”, but also has the market tension of “thunder attack and quick effect”.The south China Sea, with its favorable comprehensive land regulation policy, is well versed in this way.As a matter of fact, the strong support effect of reform on development has been highlighted in the South China Sea. With land contiguous and space shifting, the modern industrial system of “Two high and four new” has risen rapidly in the South China Sea, accounting for more than 30% of GDP.In 2021, the GDP of The South China Sea region reached 356.089 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 8.8%, leading the five Foshan regions in growth rate.Since this year, the South China Sea has also introduced the state Power Investment South China Hydrogen Industry base project, and the investment of about 2 billion yuan Guangzhou Honghao Radio and Television semiconductor and other major industrial projects.The urban-rural integration reform of the South China Sea over the past two years, along with the in-depth promotion of social governance, ecological reconstruction and other fields of reform, there are some very dynamic development trends are also emerging here — intelligent security industry leads the city, digital economy has become a pioneer, even modern agriculture, also attracted a number of industry leaders to land.The South China Sea is very clear. Guangdong and Foshan support the reform and innovation of urban-rural integration in the hope that they can explore the way for Guangdong and take the lead in solving the problem.The best response to the original aspiration of reform is to fully stimulate vitality and open up the dynamic situation of development.The year of the Tiger has begun, and the three-year action plan for comprehensively deepening reform in the South China Sea has been made clear.Next, see the South China Sea this reform tiger, can create how vigorous new situation.Looking forward to the future of Nanhai with new tiger power!Source: South + Author: Reporter of Nanfang Daily, special commentator of urban-rural integration reform in Nanhai District