Why turkmenistan only sells gas to China with reserves of over 1.9 trillion tons? What’s the reason behind it

2022-06-20 0 By

In turkmenistan gas in recent years, China’s increasingly close cooperation with central Asian countries, including turkmenistan, it have mastered most of the energy of the Caspian sea region, its natural gas reserves, to over 19 trillion tons, but over the years, turkmenistan are only willing to sell gas to China, even ignoring the requirements of the United States,Turkmenistan also maintains its position as the largest gas exporter to China, so why does Turkmenistan only sell gas to China?Natural gas, a mixture of hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon gases occurring naturally in formations, is usually found together with oil.In turkmenistan gas of turkmenistan is a large number of exports to China, will be natural gas mainly has two reasons, first of all, China has a huge demand for natural gas, in recent years, with China’s growing emphasis on the application of clean energy, natural gas as a clean, high quality and high efficiency of low carbon energy, nature is valued by the Chinese again in 2001,China’s natural gas consumption was only 27.2 billion cubic meters, but in 2018, it rose to 282.5 billion cubic meters. As the economy continues to develop, China’s natural gas consumption is still rising, which puts the country’s own natural gas industry in short supply.Because the natural gas industry started late, China’s natural gas production is not much, needs to be imported from abroad each year a large number of natural gas, in total gas consumption in China, nearly 39% of the natural gas from abroad, by contrast, turkmenistan is the world’s natural gas reserves, power, the prospective reserves up to 5.5 trillion cubic meters, but the domestic gas consumption is very low,Exporting most of the gas to China is the best way for Turkmenistan to absorb its own gas surplus and boost its economy thanks to China’s huge demand.Second, Turkmenistan exports a lot of natural gas to China. There’s also geography. If you look around Turkmenistan, you have Iran and Afghanistan to the south, and a bunch of Central Asian countries and Russia to the north, and Iran, central Asian countries and Russia are energy exporters.These countries also have as turkmenistan gas production itself, while the Afghan war torn, domestic development still don’t need a large number of imported natural gas, although turkmenistan gas exports to Europe by Russia’s natural gas pipeline, but it will cost a lot of money, and the instability due to the relationship, building a pipeline to Europe is clearly not wise.In this case, turkmenistan natural gas exports to will have to be closer to the geographical position, greater China market, since 2007, turkmenistan increase year by year, the total natural gas to China only in 2010 year, turkmenistan exports nearly 30 billion square meters of natural gas, according to the turkmenistan government plan, in the next 30 years,Turkmenistan will provide China with 60 billion square meters of natural gas every year. At the same time, due to the impact of cold weather in Northeast Asia, natural gas prices around the world have risen, and China is more inclined to import natural gas from Central Asia. In the future, Turkmenistan will import more natural gas from China.In general, the cooperation between Turkmenistan and China is an important cornerstone for the economic development of Central Asia. In the future, China will continue to maintain its cooperation with Turkmenistan in the energy field and demonstrate its sincerity in cooperation with concrete actions so as to build up its prestige among central Asian countries.