Winter Olympics ignite ice and snow enthusiasm!The number of tourists increased, and the first day began to be full

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With the holding of the Winter Olympic Games, the national passion for skiing was ignited.During the Spring Festival, skiing becomes one of the must-do activities for families to go out.Reporter recently interviewed several ski resort is located in jinan city and the surrounding, said before the Spring Festival or holidays to come skiing people than in previous years have increased significantly, the jinan WoHuShan ski Shao Haiming, director of the ministry of communications, said “although the forecast in advance to this year will be a lot of visitor who ski, also do some preparation, now still underestimated the enthusiasm of people skiing.”At 10:00 on February 3, the parking lot of Jinan Crouhu Mountain ski resort has been full of tourist vehicles to ski, and the entrance has been lined up with visitors.Shao haiming said, “In the past, the number of people started to increase around the third day, and the next three days would be a peak, but this year there was a significant change, and the first day started to be full.”In the ski area, many tourists are already experiencing the fun of skiing on the primary track. “It is the Winter Olympics this year, and my daughter likes Gu Ailing very much, so we want to go skiing together with the whole family during the Spring Festival.”Mr. Wang, who lives in Lixia district, told reporters.The reporter found in the interview, like Mr. Wang’s first experience skiing tourists are not a few, some in groups, some in pairs, help each other, showing a festive atmosphere.However, mountain ski resort is located in licheng district of dragons playing head Cai Peng tells a reporter, “although than usual during Spring Festival, people a little bit more this year, but there were no significant growth, it is to come to ski there has been a marked increase of tourists, this and the stock market also has a certain relationship, but can see the enthusiasm of the visitors to higher.”The reporter found through the search, jinan around the ski resort single day ski ticket price between 160 yuan to 260 yuan.”The price is almost 20 percent higher than usual, mainly to control the number of people and ensure safety, but it is clear that people are still enthusiastic about skiing this year,” Shao haiming told reporters.CAI agreed, noting that ticket prices between the Spring Festival holidays are basically the same as in previous years.The arrival of the Winter Olympics has not only stimulated the enthusiasm of skiing tourists, but also directly brought about an increase in the number of skiing enthusiasts.Located in Jinan Laiwu district Snow wild ski resort a staff member said, the most clear feeling is that the sales of season cards this year than in previous years to increase a lot, season card is mainly for skiing enthusiasts, tourists may occasionally come to experience once, enthusiasts are the main force of ski resort, some enthusiasts will come every day.In addition, Shao Haiming told reporters: “Previously, shandong’s ski market compared to the northeast market is still based on beginners, this year does feel that the number of skiing enthusiasts has increased significantly.To this end, we have upgraded the ski resort, lengthening the course and increasing the slope, mainly for skiers and enthusiasts.””According to our statistics, about 1,400 people used to ski during the Spring Festival, but this year the number has risen to about 2,300. We are also trying to attract more skiers,” said a jinxiang Mountain ski resort official.Declaration: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: