Be a messenger of friendship

2022-06-21 0 By

At the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, there were many touching moments: After the curling mixed doubles round-robin match between China and the United States, Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi of The Chinese team presented the “Bing Dwen Dwen” Olympic commemorative badge to the other team, as a gesture of friendship between the athletes;After crossing the finish line in the women’s 3,000-meter speed skating race, China’s Ahenar Adak extended her hand to Germany’s Claudia Pechstein, who is competing in the eighth Winter Olympics.Gu Ailing of China offers consolation to Tess Ludd of France after a mistake in the women’s freestyle platform final.The performance of the Chinese athletes showed style, gained friendship and won praise.Sport is the universal language of mankind.As a global comprehensive sports event, the Beijing Winter Olympics is not only a stage for athletes from different teams to compete and compete with each other, but also a bridge to promote exchanges and enhance friendship.With the goal of winning gold MEDALS in morality, style and cleanliness, Chinese athletes are not proud of victory or defeat in the competition, and respect their opponents, are confident and friendly outside the competition.It is an interpretation of the Olympic motto “Swifter, Higher, Stronger — More United” and a demonstration of the “positive, open, inclusive, rational and peaceful” mentality of the Chinese people.Every Chinese athlete is a friendly envoy to convey the friendship of the Chinese people.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games is still going on, and we are looking forward to the athletes’ ability, style and style in the following games.(Zhou Yang) People’s Daily (February 13, 2022 edition 01)