More than 250 million People in China suffer from hair loss, and the post-90s generation has become the main force for hair transplant

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More than 250 million Chinese are suffering from hair loss, with one out of every six people losing their hair, according to data released by the National Health Commission. Hair loss tends to occur in younger age groups, with 69.8% of hair loss occurring under the age of 30, and 41.9% among those aged between 26 and 30.Data show that the current post-90s have become the main force of hair transplant.There are also relevant criteria that show that losing more than 100 hair a day for two to three months may be pathological hair loss, should seek medical attention as soon as possible.With thumb, index finger and middle finger, gently pinch about 40 ~ 60 hair from the hair root, stroke along the hair direction, if only 1 ~ 2 roots fall off, representing roughly normal, if more than 5 roots each time, there may be abnormal hair loss.Spurred on by anxiety about appearance levels and advertising campaigns, hair transplants are increasingly being used by people who are losing their hair, rather than wigs that look awkward, uncomfortable to wear and can cause embarrassment if they fall off.Hair implants are microsurgically implanted at the hair loss site using a portion of healthy hair follicle tissue from the back of the patient’s head.Healthy hair follicles, which are not affected by male hormones, are distributed in the occipital area. When these hair follicles are planted in designated areas, healthy new hair will be born from healthy hair follicles.The most common type of hair transplant currently on the market is the traceless microneedle technique.”The price of a hair follicle is about 10 to 12 yuan. The exact number of hair follicles to be planted needs to be determined by hair transplant institutions or hospitals through follicle testing.”Doctors say about 1,000 follicle units will be needed, at a total cost of about 10,000 yuan.However, in some hair transplant advertisements, fast recovery, natural and once and for all are the main “selling points”, but professionals say that hair transplant is not suitable for everyone. “Hair transplant is easy to damage the subcutaneous tissue, and patients with three high blood pressure, diabetes, or hair inflammation or skin disease are not suitable.”Before hair transplant surgery, a proper examination should be conducted and a professional should make a judgment.The price, safety and “shelf life” of hair transplants are also issues that need to be paid attention to in advance.