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2021 will be the year of transition from the “National Training Plan” to the “14th Five-Year Plan”, and also the year of promoting the high-quality development of national education.Hailiang company collaborative teacher development center education talent development, research to carry out the relevant policy documents spirit, promoting the teachers’ training quality efficiency, take “the future lead – project oriented – standard universal – diagnostic assessment – on-demand customization – return to the classroom – can assign multiple evaluation – technology – loop optimization” work path, based on the school academic integration of new pattern,Focus on the design of high-end research and development projects.Meanwhile, in the autumn semester of 2021, a series of “Teacher-training in School” research programs will be set up, focusing on modules such as course interpretation, classroom teaching, data literacy and class management, providing strong support for the professional growth and development of Hailiang teachers, high-quality construction of the teaching staff and continuous optimization of school quality.Hailiang Master · Entering Wencheng Class is the main position of school education and teaching, and the improvement of classroom teaching quality is the core task of school work, and also the only way for teachers’ professional development.The talent development Company brought six famous teachers and experts to hailiang Overseas Chinese School to bring unit interpretation, teaching analysis, classroom demonstration and other teaching and research activities for more than 30 primary school teachers of English and Mathematics.This program not only focuses on improving teachers’ teaching ability, but also aims to help the school solve the problems of teachers’ professional development and teaching and research group construction.The in-depth and detailed explanation of the six experts won the unanimous praise of the leaders and teachers of Hailiang Overseas Chinese School.The understanding and mastery of “curriculum, textbook and Teaching method” is the cornerstone of teachers’ teaching work. For this reason, the Talent Development Company organizes special training classes on curriculum content, textbook and Teaching Method for young teachers.This workshop from “teachers”, “teaching to develop”, “teaching and research to explore the” three aspects, through in the seminar, the ground audio classroom diagnosis, help more than 80 sea bright clear direction of the daily teaching education young teachers, raised the teaching research ability, contributing to the sea bright teachers echelon construction.The precise application of big data in the training class for improving data literacy ability of primary and secondary school teachers drives teaching towards scientific, intelligent and personalized.Talent development company with education informatization development pace, invited senior fellow at the big data fields, the curriculum into data thinking cultivation, technical analysis, the real case diagnosis, results in field application, such as module, through the theory lectures, technology practice teaching, examination, questionnaire, interview and so on, led the 141 hailiang teachers,They have mastered the ways and methods of educational data mining, collection, processing, analysis and application, understood and constructed data literacy framework and index system in line with their own disciplinary characteristics, and improved teachers’ ability to apply data-driven precision teaching to a certain extent.The class is a paradise for teachers and students to grow together. The class head is the leader, researcher and actor of the class. The professional development of the class head is related to the healthy growth of students.Talent development company senior experts, invited the teacher in charge field using lectures, case analysis, theme class meetings to inspect, the teacher in charge scene simulation, of 272 young teacher in charge for two stage both in field and inspirational series training, help the teacher in charge to explore understanding students growth rule, diligence class management strategy, improve the class teaching actual effect,At the same time, the work Manual of Young Head teachers was developed.The manual gives detailed guidance to the work routine, excellent typical cases, basic skills competition and other modules of head teachers, helping young head teachers to develop professionally.New era, talent development company will closely rely on the sea bright education development strategy, positive response national policy for the “rural development and common prosperity”, starting from the new direction of high quality teachers troop construction, around the overall situation of national development and reform of education to reveal training value, leading professional teacher training system construction, improve area county rural teacher training precision,Explore the mode and mechanism innovation of “intelligence + teacher training”, create an overall solution for teacher development throughout the whole life cycle of the region and school, so as to contribute hailiang wisdom to the balanced and high-quality development of regional education.