Teachers get a raise!Why sun?Bask in the heart flustered!Are we still far behind

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The Spring Festival is coming soon, and many places have given teachers a raise.The Internet immediately drying up: there are teachers drying, teachers’ families drying, teachers friends drying, but also heard that the teacher’s salary increase idle people want to dip a happy, drying…So, online exposure to a lot of teachers pay…See a map: teacher really went up salary had come to hand a lot of places had gone up salary!Are you expecting a pay rise here?We haven’t heard anything from here. Can’t be far?We haven’t even started to raise teachers’ salaries in 2018. Now it’s 2022.At last I got the real news.So the teachers couldn’t help themselves.Whether it is a real salary increase or a fake salary increase, there needs to be real evidence…Why the raise?It is to rise salary to have basis, see a chart: have file 2 it is salary to rise so, see a chart: rise salary standard teacher to rise salary, why should bask in?One is that the teachers are a little excited. Why are they a little excited?Because the Chinese New Year is coming soon, I feel hopeless, and suddenly got a raise, and hand……Naturally excited!After all, the teacher’s heart is relatively small, never seen the big money, never seen the big world……Every day in the campus, afraid, treading on thin ice!The mind is not so broad, so, excited, so, on the Internet insolated!Because the teacher’s only hobby is to be able to write something, also calculate to others to share their own small happiness!The second is that the teacher is showing off.Go up money, in the heart hold back how to do?Just show it off.Chinese New Year, just like a child bought a new clothes, how to do?To wear out in advance, in front of everyone, let everyone have a look, the actual teacher salary after the mentality is like this.Third, the “hold back” time of salary increase is too long. Since 2018, there has been no salary increase for nearly four years!Finally up, natural can not hold back, nature to make public some, let everyone know, our teacher pay!However, some people hate teachers to show their salaries online. Why?I mean, they make a lot of money.The teacher can not earn three melon two jujube, a total of several hundred dollars, but also on the Internet drying up, people look down on it!Look at the picture: don’t bask in the teacher no matter which set, the sun also bask in.What is the effect of a pay rise?One is to make the teacher’s dull mood full of passion!When you don’t get a raise, life is dull, no waves, no waves, no energy, and when you get a raise, passion immediately kicks in.Passion comes, do things more efficiently!The other is that a pay rise can stimulate energy!Than the principal lecture, than the leadership of the requirements, than the spirit of encouragement too much!As soon as the salary arrives, the effort of education and teaching comes again, the whole body is strength, then must do a career!Insatiable in learning, tireless in teaching, and strive to cultivate several Tsinghua university and Peking University!Therefore, the effect of rising wages is really too big, the future should give the teacher a lot to rise wages!A rise on the spirit!Three, the teacher can hold up his head.The original look at others keep rising wages, keep increasing income…The teacher always mark time, the in the mind is really not the taste!This time finally went up, although only three or five hundred dollars, also can let the teacher held his head high and held his head high!After all, they are small intellectuals, go up a little money, the in the mind comfortable!Go up money have enthusiasm net friend to say: net friend one: salary adds 300, but cancelled spiritual civilization award, comprehensive management award, medical insurance foundation cost total 50000 above!Netizen 2: Indeed, it has been three and a half years since the salaries of civil servants and teachers were raised in July 2018, so it is normal to raise salaries!Net friend three: adjust 300 equivalent to no adjust, a year about 3600 yuan, for everyone is a cow’s hair drizzle, casually increase a bonus are higher than this, prices soon rose up!How to do?One is that it is better for teachers to be introverted after a pay rise.Don’t get too excited. Why?Too much excitement for my heart!Besides, the teacher is basked in on the net, can make others dissatisfied!The teacher is more than adequate, more than adequate.Some people with high incomes look down on teachers;Some low-income people will scold the teachers.So it’s best to keep your mouth shut and welcome a raise.Second, teachers have to do everything possible to change the face of “poor”!You’ll never get rich just by raising your salary!More than three years, only three, five hundred dollars!If you work hard, you can exceed 300 or 500 yuan!So don’t worry too much about getting a raise.Want to grow real ability, make more money!Of course, strive to achieve financial freedom, no longer tired by money, this is the wealth goal teachers should pursue.Three is the New Year, spend more, don’t be too stingy, don’t give up, more than a thousand, all spent!For kids, for wives, for family…All the flowers!Don’t save it, if you save it, it’s stingy!In short, a raise in salary is a good thing.Good things should come and go.Hope: 13 months salary, performance salary, spiritual civilization award can also get as soon as possible!When the time comes, the teachers are really happy!Stimulate the enthusiasm of teachers for a long time, encourage the teacher’s drive!Just raise 300 or 500 yuan, or tickle, happy after, and then calm, can not inspire teachers lasting motivation.