The influence of The Chinese women’s football team expands, and it is close to the Chinese women’s volleyball team!Shui Qingxia, Chinese football association pressure big

2022-06-21 0 By

On February 14, Beijing time, the media updated the news of the 2022 Chinese women’s football team. According to the domestic media, an industry insider engaged in women’s football sports agency said that the Chinese women’s football team is very popular, and a lot of business is coming in close to the Chinese women’s volleyball team, which is not a small pressure for The coach Shui Qingxia and the Chinese Football Association.Chinese media reported the following: Although the Asian Women’s Cup has been over for some time, the enthusiasm of Chinese women’s football is still there.After the match, not only mengniu, Alipay and other enterprises gave high monetary rewards, but also the Chinese Football Association also organized a variety of women’s football training.It is because the Chinese women’s team has the heat, like the Chinese women’s volleyball team a engaged in women’s sports brokerage industry, coupled with the Asian games in the next few years and hangzhou, the women’s World Cup, Paris Olympics international attention such as the women’s competition, many brands rushing to want to and Chinese women’s soccer team cooperation, it is said that senior partners offer 20 million/year.As can be seen from the reports of the domestic media, as long as there are achievements, there is no fear of money and fame, they are all lining up to give money. Although the media did not disclose more details, many brands are rushing to cooperate with the Chinese women’s football Team, which is a great pressure for The coach Shui Qingxia and the Chinese Football Association.Fans familiar with Chinese football all know that because of the poor performance of Chinese men’s football team in the preliminary round of 12, some fans made fun of wu Xi, the captain of Chinese national football team, eating sea cucumber. It is estimated that now the brand regrets cooperating with Chinese men’s football team. The gain is outweighed the loss, and it also shows that the team has achievements, which is the guarantee of everything.This ShuiQingXia coach is very calm, ShuiQingXia coach said in the interview, now the Chinese women’s team and Japan, South Korea women’s soccer team has a big gap, especially the Japanese women’s football, playing more exquisite, entertaining, and Vietnamese women’s future misato will have players abroad, so the Chinese football association and ShuiQingXia must hurry to send players to study abroad is the first priority,Otherwise, the Chinese women’s football team will have no results and the brand will withdraw.