Changle Nanshan Ecological Park opened a new circular plank road

2022-06-22 0 By

“The boardwalk is surrounded by mountains, and at night, the night scenery lights up and becomes a unique view of the city.”On the evening of February 13, Miss Yang, a resident of Changle, strolled along the new circular plank road in nanshan Ecological Park, immersed in bright lights and feeling happy.Circular plank road in Nanshan Ecological Park.Reporter Yu Shaolin photo reporters see, circular plank road like a hovering dragon repose in the park, splash-ink landscape painting and the appearance of nanshan scenery as an organic whole, constitute a beautiful picture scroll.Along the boardwalk, red lanterns symbolizing auspice, unity and happiness are hung high.As night falls, the lights turn on, and the circular walkway is like a gold ribbon, adorning Nanshan dreamlike.It is reported that the new plank road project of Nanshan ecological park includes circular plank road, B plank road on the side of aoshan Road slope in the park and C plank road leading to nanshan “hiking jogging leisure trail”.The circular walkway was opened to the public at the end of January.B and C walkways will also be illuminated and will open to the public at the end of March.Jin ‘an held investment conference signed landing 34 projects to attract 25 billion yuan 2021 annual individual tax calculation on March 1 to start booking guide to Fujian: new residential areas need “standard” pension service facilities