Ma Yili exposed the article a month of living expenses, are said to be a good man, but eventually still divorced

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Dzemaili exposure articles a month cost of living, a good man, but eventually divorced, in entertainment star is very rich, there are a lot of stars, literally take a play, all paid for tens of millions of, so the star of the billionaire is rich, is also very much, especially the star couple, earn more, when dzemaili and articles for play love,At the time of the article or a just into the lines of the couple, with the help of dzemaili, a few years time, has become a front-line actors, become the male one, the couple can really make a, but the family’s finances are dzemaili in charge, a lot of people are curious, so rich family, at ordinary times the cost of living is how many?Said in an interview, dzemaili article also not spend any money at ordinary times, stay 23000 dollars a month, he got enough, is a money for food, smoking at ordinary times is bought, do not need him to spend money, if you please friends to dinner to play what, are followed to yourself, finally she pay the bill, so the article really don’t need how many money,At that time, many netizens say the article is a good man, but the article just can not help but praise, at the time of second pregnancy dzemaili, exposure was derailed actor yao, disappoint everyone is special, but dzemaili on articles still have a glimmer of hope, choose to forgive him, after all, there are two children, thought they live so happy, can we die a few years,Finally announced divorce, this time there is no infidelity, is not the right personality.