“The Book of Mountains and Seas” the strongest god king, leading the god clan to wipe out all the demons on earth, then disappeared

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If you want to systematically understand our ancient myths, then the Classic of Mountains and Seas is a must-read myth classic.Unlike mythological novels and ancient classics, The book of Mountains and Seas is a bit messy and difficult to read.Because the Classic of Mountains and Seas is not based on the plot or time sequence as the main line, but according to the geographical location scattered records of many ancient gods and prehistoric animals, as well as their myths and legends.Therefore, the whole Book of Mountains and Seas presents a state of fragmentation.Who is the strongest god king recorded in the Book of Mountains and Seas?Perhaps many readers will say that the yellow Emperor regulus, or the yan Emperor appeared earlier.In fact, the strongest god king in The Book of Mountains and Seas was another man, who led the god clan to wipe out all the demons on earth, but finally disappeared mysteriously.As we all know, in the creation myth, the great god Pangu created the universe and the earth. He used his divine power to break through chaos and split the universe.After his death, Pangu became all things. His voice became thunder, his breath became wind and cloud, and his limbs and five bodies became four poles and five mountains.Pangu’s left eye became the sun and his right eye became the moon.However, in the mythological system of The Classic of Mountains and Seas, the sun and moon are not the eyes of Pangu, but the descendants of god King Dijun.It is recorded in da Huang Nan Jing of Shan Hai Jing that xi he, the wife of Emperor Jun, was born in ten days.The ten sons of Emperor Jun were the ten three-legged golden birds that could become the sun.According to the book of Mountains and Seas, Chang Xi, the wife of Emperor Jun, was born in 12 months.Emperor Jun’s wife Changxi and she gave birth to twelve moons, each representing the twelve months.In the myth system of The Classic of Mountains and Seas, Emperor Jun’s divine power could create the sun and the moon, which was equivalent to Pangu.On the contrary, the yellow Emperor, a single sword is basically the limit of his divine power.Therefore, Emperor Jun is the strongest god king in the Book of Mountains and Seas.Perhaps most readers have the impression that Emperor Jun’s children were ten SUNS and twelve moons, nine of which were shot down by Da Yi.In fact, Emperor Jun had many children, far more than the three feet of gold and the twelve moon.In the Book of Mountains and Seas, Emperor Jun is the supreme leader and the originator of the god clan.In the Book of Mountains and Seas, the descendants of Emperor Jun are also very strong.As descendants of the most powerful god King, Emperor Jun, they could basically support a tribe on their own.For example, the kingdom of Si you, the kingdom of Bai Min, the kingdom of Zhong Rong, the kingdom of Black Tooth and the kingdom of He Xu in The Book of Mountains and Seas were all created by the descendants of God King Di Jun.One of the records is as follows: “In the state of Si You, Di Jun gave birth to Yan Long, Yan Long gave birth to Si You;There is a state of white people, where Di Jun begets Di Hong, and Di Hong begets Bai Min.”Looking at this, we have a question: why are most of the descendants of God King Dijun on earth, and not in heaven?You know, after the Yellow Emperor defeated Chiyou and became the Emperor of Heaven, his descendants and courtiers all ascended to heaven with him.Why did the god King leave his children on earth?The reason why Emperor Jun does so is very simple, he is in order to wipe out the demons on earth.In the mythological system of The Classic of Mountains and Seas, emperor Di Jun appeared much earlier than Emperor Yan and Emperor Huang, and god King Di Jun already existed before the sun and moon appeared.In the era of god king, the dawn of the universe, all kinds of creatures want to have their own side of the world.So all kinds of demon beasts on earth, ordinary people appear weak and helpless.Emperor Jun led the gods to wipe out all the demons on earth, but also left most of his powerful children on earth.In The Book of Mountains and Seas, legendary venomous creatures such as Gu Diao, Yingzhao, Jufu, manbird and Zhutian have emerged, and the demon tribe has no limelight for a time.Especially zhu, fu 徯 such top demon beast, their strength is strong, the general immortals can not cure them.Zhu Hate is a powerful demon monkey in ancient mythology. Once it appears, it will bring war and smoke.At this time god King emperor Jun led god clan to wipe out the earth ten thousand bewitching, let the three boundaries restore tranquility.Therefore, in many modern primordial novels, emperor Jun is always called “demon ancestor”.In fact, this kind of misreading of Emperor Jun, Emperor Jun is a serious “Book of Mountains and Seas” god king, he is the demon clan’s Nemesis.God king di Jun’s strength is so strong, but he finally mysteriously disappeared, do not know where.Without any signs or clues, God King Dijun disappears completely in the Book of Mountains and Seas.When god king di Jun disappeared we do not know, but the author can be sure that when Yi shot at the sun, Di Jun has completely disappeared.Yi was a general under Yao Emperor, who was a descendant of the Yellow Emperor, separated by about four generations.During the period of Emperor Yao, the earth was in chaos.First ten three-legged monkshood took off into the sky. Ten SUNS roasted the earth until water was not left, and vegetation dried up.Then, 猰 yu, Chisel Tooth, nine ying, great wind, Feng Siegu, xiu Snake and other wild monsters.We can see from this, god king emperor Jun at this time certainly not in heaven.Ten sons come out together make trouble, as father emperor Jun did not move to stop.The demon clan of six prehistoric demon beast rise again, emperor Jun also did not move.Although emperor Jun disappeared, but yi’s war is still very intrepidity.Even if Tai Yi is not as powerful as Ying Long, he must be more than two-thirds as powerful as Ying Long.Ying Long is the military commander of the Yellow emperor, in addition to killing Chiyou and Kuafu, Ying Long is also an enemy of the Yellow Emperor.Big Yi’s record is also very dazzling, ancient myths recorded as follows: “Yi yi cut teeth in the domain of China, kill nine infants on the fierce water, capture the wind yu Qing Qiu ze, shooting ten days, the next kill 猰 yu, cut off the snake in dongting, capture Siegu Siegu forest.”Yi is the top god of war in ancient mythology, he pulled the waves to fall, help the building will collapse, with a thunderbolt posture repel the prehistoric monster.Now let’s get to the point. Where did god King Di Jun, who had great power, go?The author concludes that the yellow Emperor should be the master of the three worlds, with some means to exile the emperor Jun.In ancient mythology, the image of the Yellow Emperor is not very positive, his work can be ruthless.After the Yellow Emperor defeated Chiyou, none of the tribes who had taken refuge with Chiyou were spared, one counted one, and they were all beheaded by the Yellow Emperor.Of course, this is only an inference of the author, as for the mysterious disappearance of God King Di Jun, can only become the eternal mystery in the Book of Mountains and Seas.Today, about one-fifth of the Classic of Mountains and Seas has been lost.Perhaps the answer to our question will be found in the lost fifth of space.