The earliest in 28 years!Today’s activities, arranged!

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On February 15 The Lantern Festival will get nonyl tiger years surprisingly On the year of the tiger lantern is not “circle” is not “16 round” but “the 17th round” the most round moment appeared in the February 17 0 56 minutes yuanxiao month this year The biggest feature of our country in the early for the first full moon came late for 28 years in nine years at the latestThe 2022 Yiwu Intangible Cultural Heritage Yuanxiao Joy Party will be held from 9:00 to 16:00 today in the city intangible cultural Heritage Museum.Intangible Cultural Heritage Variety Show 01 On the stage of intangible cultural Heritage Museum will organize daoqing, Wuju, reciting, Jintai boxing, acrobatic miscellaneous work, walking on stilts, dragon and lion dance, etc., with two performances in the morning and afternoon.Eating Tangyuan: On the 15th day of the first lunar month, people eat Yuanxiao (also known as Tangyuan), which is sweet and glutinous, symbolizing setting out for the next sweet day.The museum will offer tangyuan free of charge for a limited time in the morning.2 guess lantern riddles: guess lantern riddles, from ancient times began to spread the Lantern Festival activities.On that day, the outdoor courtyard of the intangible Heritage Museum will be decorated with lanterns and lanterns riddles for everyone to play and guess.3. Hu-throwing Competition: Hu-throwing is a traditional Chinese etiquette and game from pre-Qin dynasty to the end of Qing Dynasty, which is the evolution and continuation of shooting ceremony.On the same day, two groups of games will be set up in the venue of the INTANGIBLE Heritage Museum to let the public experience the ancient fun.Intangible Cultural Heritage Fair tour 03 will bring together brown sugar making skills, white sugar making skills, East River meat cake, pear paste sugar making skills, sugar making skills and other food items, the public can taste the local characteristics of intangible cultural heritage food here.1. Carry out the parent-child course of making simple rabbit lanterns.2. Carry out parent-child courses on making pear paste lollipop.Traditional Skills Exhibition 05 Handicraft workshop will bring together 7 exhibition projects, such as paper cutting, clay sculpture, dough figurine, traditional festive pendant making skills, bamboo weaving, 100 lamp making skills, copper carving.Niansanli Institute of New Era Civilization Practice 13:00 — 17:00 on February 15th (the fifteenth day of the first month) invite you to have fun together!There are hundreds of lantern riddles waiting for you to answer.Meanwhile, “online lantern riddles” were introduced.Luo Bin Wang’s poems have been celebrated up to now. Why not chant classic masterpieces together for the Lantern Festival?Family and children make lanterns and dumplings together.Experience the making of traditional sugar paintings with non-inheritors.Each new era civilization practice standing jiangdong street Tower under state community activity content: hilarious yuanxiao guess riddles activity time: on February 15, activity location: state community other college under the tower Shang yuan community content: guess riddles celebrate yuanxiao activity time: on February 15, activity location: shang yuan community service center between the first floor ShangBo community activity content:DIY lanterns, guess riddles activity time: on February 15, activity location: qing kou bonhams square Given flow community activity content: to admire the lanterns guess riddles activity time: on February 15, activity location: west Gu Village culture hall Crow mountain community activity content: the Chinese and foreign resident members, a total of goods this day day of activity time: on February 15, activity location:Fan Village Association for the Aged wuai community activities: Make lanterns, guess lantern riddles activities: February 15th Activities: Ma Village, first floor of the Party and Mass Service Center of Wuai Community activities: Yuanxiao guess lantern riddles activities: February 15th activities: Ma Village Cultural hall, qianliu Village activities: Make dumplings activities:Activity content: Waist drum, lantern dance activity date: February 15 Activity location: Pingchou Village Cultural Auditorium Qingkou activity content: Guessing lantern riddles activity Date: February 15 Activity location: Houer Village Qingkou Square activity content: Making lanterns, guessing lantern riddles activity Date: February 15Activity content: Lantern Festival gong and drum class performance activity: February 15 activity location: Xiazhu Village cultural Auditorium your Lantern Festival how to prepare?The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: