The gold medal broke 0 at the buzzer!Great Britain’s women’s curling wins gold, Japan makes history with silver

2022-06-22 0 By

In the women’s curling final, Great Britain took on Japan. In the semi-finals, Japan beat Switzerland 8-6 in extra time thanks to satsuki Fujizawa’s outstanding performance. Great Britain went through with 12:11 beat Sweden qualification, the two teams have stormed to an Olympic gold medal, | in the medal table, the British team 0 gold MEDALS, they will have stormed to the first gold medal of the British delegation, the Japanese side will be history to the team’s first Olympic gold medal.In the game, Japan’s Yuewha Yoshida (first base), Yuhu Suzuki (second base), Tomomi Yoshida (third base), Satsuki Fujisawa (fourth base), Haley Duff (first base), Dods (second base), Wright (third base), Muirhead (fourth base).The first inning of the game, the four bases muir black, the last throw light upon the camp, the British team scored two points for the cause, Japan back 1 minute, the second, the third strategic play, the four base muir, the 0-0 retains the advantage to the next game, for the cause of the fourth game of England got 1 minute, the fifth game England player steal 1 points, British 4-1 ahead of Japan.Sixth inning of the game, the Japanese have a chance to take 2 points, but is unfortunately cane ohsawa may last for strength, Japan eventually got 1 minute, the seventh game, a key vote completed muir, the threesome, rattan ohsawa may come to a pot of small power finally, muir, the last pot will be red pot type, the British team play to 4 points,England scored four points in the game to make the score 8-2 before Japan came back with one point in the eighth.Great Britain beat Japan 10-3 to win women’s curling 10-3 in the ninth game. Great Britain broke 0-0 at the final whistle on the final day to claim the first gold medal of the Winter Olympics. Japan made history with silver.