Can qi and blood run not free bring about oedema?

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“Those who have Yang have swollen limbs.One liter of blood in the stool, then two liters, then three liters.Yin and Yang knot oblique, more Yin less Yang yue stone water, less abdominal swelling.Two Yang knot, that the elimination.Three Yang knot, that is separated.Three Yin knot, that of water.A Yin a Yang knot, that the throat bi.”Hello, my friends, I’m Dr. Peng Xin, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor.Today we continue to explain the Huangdi neijing · Plain Questions · Yin and Yang Chapter 7, we first look at the original text: “Knot Yang, swollen limbs.One liter of blood in the stool, then two liters, then three liters.Yin and Yang knot oblique, more Yin less Yang yue stone water, less abdominal swelling.Two Yang knot, that the elimination.Three Yang knot, that is separated.Three Yin knot, that of water.A Yin a Yang knot, that the throat bi.”The original text is quite long, and THERE are some details to explain to you.(Toutiao @Doctor Peng Xin of TCM) What is knot?Knot means knot, refers to qi and blood stasis is not smooth.Ma Shis in “note card hair micro” inside notes: “knot, qi and blood not comfortable also”, very well understood, is not smooth knot.The second is Yin and Yang knot oblique, oblique is what meaning?The inclination of this place and the evil spirits are the evil spirits, that is, the Yin and Yang have the evil spirits here.”More Yin less Yang yue stone water”, stone water is what meaning?Stone water is the name of a disease, a kind of edema disease, for example, we see the “Synopsis of the Golden chamber” said: “stone water, its veins self-sinking, external syndrome abdominal fullness from asthma”, this refers to stone water, as well as feng shui, skin water and so on many water syndrome.”Synopsis of the Golden Chamber” is very interesting. It is a collection of miscellaneous diseases, including visceral diseases, external arthralgia, meridian and limb diseases.The synopsis to summarize some common diseases, divided into several chapters, discusses, a bit like the feeling of internal medicine, but not like now of internal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine for credit system, discusses the symptoms often put up after directly is various, sometimes under a set of symptoms to several parties, each party there are a few symptoms before.So synopsis of the Golden Chamber is more difficult than Treatise on Febrile Diseases, why?It’s scattered, it’s not systematic.Treatise on Febrile Diseases is like a very strict system.From the Meridian of the Sun to the Meridian of Jueyin, the syndrome differentiation of the six meridians is very clear and methodical.The Synopsis of the Golden Chamber is very messy, and if you’re not familiar with the Synopsis of the Golden Chamber, it’s very difficult to build a structure.We learn “treatise on febrile diseases” it is easy to weave the network of knowledge, what is called combined disease, what is called combined disease, how is called transmission of change, between each other with chai hu agent is what, cassia branch is what, these prescriptions can also fit together.But synopsis of the Golden Chamber is a feeling of being separate pieces.So I think it’s a little bit more difficult to study synopsis of the Golden Chamber than treatise on Febrillaries, but these two works are written by Zhang Zhongjing, and the formula that they put together is called Jing Fang, which is the prescription that Zhang zhongjing used in Synopsis of the Golden Chamber and the prescription that zhang Zhongjing used in Treatise on Febrillaries.I’ll have time to talk about the various water certificates later.And then we have a laryngeal obstruction. What does laryngeal obstruction mean?That’s another name for a sore throat that’s swollen and closed.Zhang Jiebin’s comment is: “bi, closed”, the first bi is the throat bi, the second bi is closed, the so-called bi syndrome is closed, closed, blocked, this is the meaning of bi.We put this paragraph together with you to stroke again, “knot Yang, swollen limbs, knot Yin, stool blood a liter, then knot two liters, three knots three liters” what meaning?That is, the evil spirit is trapped in the Yang Meridian, and his condition is swollen limbs, or swollen limbs.Limbs are the foundation of zhuyang, so it is swollen limbs.If the evil is trapped in the Yin meridian, that is, the Yin meridian stagnation will defecate blood.Because if Yin collateral is injured, blood will come out, the first knot is the next liter of blood, and then the next two liters, three knot three liters, that is, the heavier the knot, the more serious the blood collateral injury, the more bleeding.Look down again, “Yin and Yang knot oblique, more Yin and less Yang yue stone water, less abdominal swelling”, also Yin Yang if there is evil stagnation, focusing on Yin jing will occur stone water this disease, is less abdominal swelling.”Two Yang knot, that the elimination”, what is two Yang?It is foot Yangming stomach meridian, hand Yangming large intestine meridian, the evil qi knot of these two classics will appear here quench this kind of situation.The evil is concentrated in three Yang, three Yang is the foot sun bladder meridian and hand sun small intestine meridian, three Yang is the sun, two Yang is Yang Ming, one Yang is little Yang.If the evil spirit is trapped in sanyang, it is the foot sun bladder meridian and the hand sun small intestine meridian will appear up and down impassable septum, septum is up and down impassable meaning, we also talked about before.What is the expression if the evil spirit stultifies at three Yin?”Internal classics” inside the original text is: “three Yin knot, that of water”, is water disease, what is three Yin?3 Yin is sufficient taiyin splenic classics and hand taiyin lung classics, this kind of circumstance can appear oedema this kind of disease, be oedema, bulge can come out.Evil if the ease in a Yin and Yang, is “throat of a Yin and Yang”, “bi”, a cloudy refers to jue Yin, and Yang refers to shaoyang, fa jue jue the pericardium meridian, liver meridian and hands foot shaoyang bile and hand Yang the sanjiao (triple energizer) is the less, if less after Yang and jue Yin and blood stasis, the certification will appear throat, throat is swollen, and occlusion, send out sound, this kind of situation will appear,That’s what this passage means.Let’s take a look at the mechanism. What’s the mechanism?Zhang Jiebin speak mechanism speak of good, he said: “knot Yang, swollen limbs”, why “knot Yang, swollen limbs”?He said: “Yang, six Yang also”, which six Yang?It is the three Yang of the foot channel and the three Yang of the hand channel, the foot Shaoyang gallbladder Channel, the foot Yangming stomach channel, the foot Yangming bladder channel, the hand Shaoyang Sanjiao Channel, the hand Yangming small intestine channel and the hand Yangming large intestine channel, which is called the six Yang.”Knot Yang, swollen limbs “, limbs are the origin of all Yang, so after Yang qi knot, swollen limbs.Look back again, “knot Yin, stool blood one liter, then knot two liters, three knot three liters”, Yin refers to six Yin, is the hand three Yin, foot three Yin.This is Zhang Jiebin’s understanding, and continue to say: “Its shallow blood, a liter of evil when the solution.If do not understand and knot again, with evil sheng also, so two liters of blood in stool.If they do not knot, evil is especially prosperous, so say three knots and three liters.Under normal circumstances, the evil will be solved after the blood in the stool, if you do not understand the blood in the stool will be more, two liters.If it is and don’t understand, it is three liters to have a solution, which is to speak of ending Yang and knot Yin respectively.Yin and Yang knot skew is Yin and Yang have evil spirit knot, how to do?If it is Yin through Yang phase knot, more water evil, that is to say, more Yin and less Yang, this time called stone water.Zhang Jiebin notes, “stone water, Chen Jian next, it is less abdominal swelling also.”That is, the lower abdomen, including both sides of the lower abdomen, this place is particularly hard, feel water sac, but also bloated, this situation we will see in the liver cirrhosis during ascites, this is “more Yin and less Yang, called stone water” this situation.This is Dr. Peng’s lecture on huangdi neijing series – the essence – 377.(More highlights coming…)Disclaimer: This article is for health knowledge sharing.The drugs, prescriptions, acupuncture and moxibustion mentioned in this article should be used under the guidance of a professional physician, not by yourself.We are not responsible for any problems caused by improper use.Copyright notice: The author of this article is Peng Xin. 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