It has a particle catcher, 200,000 levels, and an ultra-long wheelbase of 2731mm

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I wish every friend a safe home and a happy family. In the New Year, it’s time to buy a car to comfort yourself. Tanyue 204,900 is very suitable for family use.Today, I will tell you whether the 200,000-level exploration can meet your needs!Family-based design language yue adopted the latest family-based design language, the former face is the classic vw style characteristics, body side waist line design, the adornment of the D column position a continuation of the former style, as a whole is able to bear or endure look type, the style of both hard, must be more to capture the heart of the main consumer groups.In workmanship and materials of interior style stand out, occupy the instrument panel design also USES the more novel design style, big size LCD screen and three radial multi-function steering wheel, a stronger sense of presents the technology of this car, in terms of workmanship and materials, chose the soft package material of large area, in terms of ride is also very comfortable,The practical and functional comparison is the advantage of tanyue interior, and the sense of science and technology and youth have not fallen.In terms of size, Tanyue has 4589/1860/1660mm length, width and height, as well as 2731mm wheelbase, which belongs to the mainstream level of intermediate SUV.Compared with models of the same price, it is the leader of mid-range SUV. It sits in the back seat, and the seats are 180 mm adjustable. It can flexibly allocate the space of the back seat and the trunk, which not only realizes the comfort of daily riding.It also ensures that the trunk can load more items when the back seat is occupied at the critical moment. 183 million experiencers entered the back seat of the exploration, which is obviously very good performance.Safety configuration part of the safety configuration is the strength of The exploration, the whole system standard with 7 airbags, TPMS digital tire pressure monitoring system, EPS electric steering with speed, MKB multi-way collision avoidance system, ACC3.0 third generation of advanced adaptive cruise system, lane keeping system, reversing image, full speed ACC, automatic parking system and other configurations,Let this car run more smoothly, so in the safety level, Tan Yue is very influential.On the power side, Tanyue is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine and has two versions to choose from. The high-function version has peak power of 162kW, responsive throttle and no pressure for overtaking. Paired with a seven-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, Tanyue not only has excellent power performance, official fuel consumption is 6.8L/100km.There is no doubt that the oil consumption economy of exploration mountain is better;Tanyu is also equipped with particle catcher, which plays a good role in environmental protection. So what are the differences between particle catcher of different brands? Generally speaking, GPF uses wall-flow honeycomb ceramic as the carrier inside, and there are many parallel axial honeycomb channels in the carrier body.Exhaust is discharged from the open inlet hole through the porous wall surface of GPF carrier to the adjacent hole;At present, the country has not set up a unified standard, so different enterprises are completely independent in material selection, channel design and target working conditions.Car comments: Tanyue has excellent performance in the exterior and interior parts, which can attract more main consumer groups. It also has good space to meet the needs of family and rich configuration. If you have a budget of 200,000 yuan and want to buy a quality intermediate SUV model, this Tanyue is not to be missed!