Qingming small peak passenger flow to kill!Zhanjiang West Railway Station guards the “safety line” of epidemic prevention and control

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On April 3rd, the first day of Qingming Festival, zhanjiang West Railway Station ran 115 trains a day, with a passenger flow of 20,600. It is predicted that the peak passenger flow will be on April 5th., zhanjiang west railway station is one of the important mark of the zhanjiang epidemic prevention and control, to further strengthen epidemic prevention and control work, zhan jiang city set up the special high-speed epidemic prevention and control work team by many departments, the doctor station unattended, epidemic prevention and control in strict accordance with the requirements of the outbound passengers to be born free nucleic acid detection, to keep the epidemic “line”.In the face of the complex and severe epidemic prevention and control situation, Zhanjiang West Railway Station strictly implemented the relevant epidemic prevention and control requirements of Guangdong Province, Zhanjiang City and railway departments, strictly enforced access security clearance, and devoted itself to epidemic prevention and control.First, on the basis of strictly implementing the normal epidemic prevention and control measures at stations and combining the current epidemic prevention and control situation, we should further strengthen staff temperature detection, “double code” and nucleic acid test report verification;Second, the station insists on daily disinfection work, covering all public places such as waiting room, ticket office, entrance and exit channels, toilets and so on, and increasing the frequency of disinfection for the key parts of the station where passengers are in contact with more frequently, such as automatic ticket vending machines, elevator handrails, elevator buttons.Third, the station requires all incoming passengers to perform three 100% measures (100% temperature measurement, 100% health code light green code pass, 100% wearing masks).During the Qingming Festival, the passenger flow increases more than normal. In order to ensure the safety of passengers, Zhanjiang West Railway Station tips: 1.In accordance with the requirements of the prevention and control policies of the Joint control mechanism for Strict entry into Beijing by the Capital city, visitors (and returnees) shall hold the “Beijing Healthbao” green code with a negative nucleic acid test for 48 hours.Incoming (returning) passengers in Beijing, please prepare the nucleic acid test certificate and “Beijing Health Bao” for inspection.2. According to the provincial epidemic prevention and control requirements, passengers leaving the province also need to check their travel cards (real-name system, double check at ticket gate). Passengers whose travel codes show their travel records in Dongguan and Shenzhen need to show a negative nucleic acid test certificate for 48 hours before entering the station and taking a bus.3. According to the epidemic prevention policy of Zhanjiang city, all outbound passengers are required to take nucleic acid tests free of charge upon arrival.Passengers who need to travel must reserve enough time to get in and get on the train. Please wear masks during the whole journey, keep a certain distance in line, and cooperate with the station staff to do a good job of temperature measurement and code checking.Please check whether your health code is green before going out, pay attention to the changes of the epidemic situation in your destination and the prevention and control policies and measures, and jointly maintain a healthy and safe travel environment.Liu Wen Yao Qi Liu Wen Southern Press Media Group South + client source: South + – create more value