Taking stock of 12 “crystal girl” status quo, Zhang Min 54 years old is still not old, Qiu Yinlong was abandoned

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“Crystal girl has always been a gimmick in Wang Jing’s films. Recently, a” Crystal girl “in Wang Jing’s” New Lean On Heaven “has become a hot topic, and her appearance in the play has been criticized by the audience for” cosmetic surgery “.However, in the past, there are many actresses who have cooperated with Wang Jing. In the early years, the “crystal girls” can be said to be all beautiful and popular among the audience. Here is a list of 12 “crystal girls”, some of whom are still beautiful at 54.When it comes to Chiu Shu-zhen, the impression many audiences have on her is just “beauty”.Born in 1968, She entered the film industry in 1987 after she failed to win the Miss Hong Kong pageant. Later, she was chosen by Wang Jing as the first generation of “crystal girl”, and later starred in the movie “Best Friend”.In 1992, she played the role of “Princess Jianning” in Stephen Chow’s film the Deer and the Ding Ji. In 1993, she played the role of “Kitten” in the Naked Lamb. In the same year, she played the role of “Xiao Zhao” in the red dress in Wang Jing’s film “Lord Of God and Dragon Slaying”.In 1994, she played the role of “Begang” in the movie “God of Gamblers 2” with Chow Yun-fat and others, in which she surprised many audiences by holding a poker in her mouth on a card table.Qiu retired from acting in 1997 and did not appear on variety shows until 2015.As the first generation of “crystal girl”, Qiu Shuzhen can be said to set sexy beauty acting and a body, is worthy of the “sexy goddess.”She is sexy but not vulgar, but charming and pure, very popular.Qiu shuzhen, 54, is doing very well and enjoys a good relationship with her two daughters.Meng Yao Meng Yao should be following Qiu Shuzhen, the second “crystal girl” held by Wang Jing, is known as the successor to Qiu Shuzhen become a powerful sex goddess status candidate.She was born in 1983, high appearance level, good body used to be her word.Meng rose to fame in 2008 when she played the leading actress in Director Wang Jing’s film My Wife is a Gambler. In 2013, she played the leading actress in Wang Jing’s film My Wife Is a Gambler. In 2014, she starred in From Vegas to Macau 2.In addition, Meng Yao’s acting is also very good, she is the femme fatale “Pan Qiaoyun” in “New Water Margin”, is also the bad woman “Yin Meimei” in “Home and All Is Well”.Meng Yao as a generation of crystal girl, with angel’s face, the devil’s figure.However, after being praised by Wang Jing for ten years, she still remained uncool. In 2014, she started wechat business, but she was still active in the circle. In 2021, she also starred in the online drama “Strange Gate”.Zhang Min mentioned “crystal girl”, have to mention is Zhang Min, she relies on superb acting, the appearance of the beautiful, became Hong Kong film bound worthy temperament goddess.In 1987, when she was only 18 years old, she was cast in wang Jing’s hardcover Chasing A Girl.In 1989, she played Gao Jin’s wife Jenny in Wang Jing’s Gambler, followed by her role in Gambler with Stephen Chow, which established zhang’s reputation as a “crystal girl”.In “the deer and the cauldron”, she is a charming enchanting dragon maid, in a king and a beggar su “, she is incredible gai wang’s daughter “such as cream,” and in “magic teach hierarch of handheld device maker e-ten dragon-slaying remember”, she is blunt cool “zhao”, one “to laugh at,” zhao that become difficult to go beyond the classic picture.In 1996, Zhang Min in the film “Ten Brothers”, gradually fade out of the entertainment circle, the middle of the comeback and retirement, slowly fade out of the audience’s vision.This year, when Wang Jing’s “New Sky” was released, 54-year-old Zhang Min dressed up as “Zhao Min” and posed for a photo with yun Qianqian, a new “crystal girl”. Although she looked a little loose skin, she still had the same temperament.Weng Hong weng Hong is Hong Kong film industry amorous ten thousand kinds of words, she settled down in Hong Kong at the age of 12, 1989 won the new “Miss Asia champion” debut, then because of wang Jing’s film “Can not stop the madness” to “porn star” image.In 1998, Weng played the role of cat-demon Miaomiao in the TV series “Spring Sunshine, Pig Eight Quit”. In 2003, due to her failed marriage, Weng returned to her acting career, starring in dramas such as “Two Dragons of Tang Dynasty” and “Hot Girls in The City”.In 2007, Weng announced her marriage to her husband, a fitness manager, and took a year off from acting before returning to make several films and TV series.”Love Song of Kangding”, “Living Buddha 2”, “Left Ear”, “Legend of Heavy Ear” and so on, Weng Hong, as a “crystal girl”, has been trying to get rid of the “porn star” nickname after her career was blocked, constantly honing her acting skills.At the same time, she is also an “old goddess”. Weng Hong, 54 years old, has maintained a good state and figure, and then appeared in many films and TV dramas such as jia Nan Zhuan and Liang Bu Qi.Lin Xilai Lin Xilai can be said to be Hong Kong film group in the famous “temperament goddess”, compared with her pretty figure, outstanding temperament, she is “crystal girl” very strong acting party.In 1999, Lin, who moved to Hong Kong, played the role of “Ah Bian” in Wang Jing’s movie gamblers vs Las Vegas, and then she became famous overnight by appearing in several of Wang Jing’s romantic films.Compared with the name of “porn star”, Lin Xilai is remembered for her acting skills. Later, Lin Xilai also began to transform.First, she played the role of female journalist yoshiko in The Tokyo Trial and Moon Dew in The Laughing World.Nevertheless, in 2012, at the age of 36, Lin retired from the entertainment industry and has rarely appeared in the public eye since.Now 45 years old Lin Xilai, temperament as before, the figure maintains very good also, as in those days “temperament goddess”, now she chooses to live in the home xiangfu godchild day.Speaking of Shu Qi, she is also a “crystal girl”. In 1996, Shu Qi went to Hong Kong for development and was discovered by Wang Jing.In her early days, Shu Qi was also a famous “porn star” in Hong Kong film and television industry. Before she became an actress, Shu Qi was a model. With her sexy figure and beautiful appearance, she starred in many romantic films.Shu’s acting career reached a new level in 1998 when she won the Golden Horse Award for best Supporting Actress for her role in The film “Young And Confused”.In the same year, she appeared in the movie The Storm and the King. In 1999, she played The role of “Mu Xiuluo” in the movie “Chinese Hero”. In 2005, she starred in the movie “The Best Time” and won the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress.Later shu qi has appeared in a number of film and television play, in the westward journey down the pure lovely the exorcist “miss”, “the assassin NieYin niang” martial arts high strength “NieYin niang”, “t tactic of amorous feelings” Shirley Yang “, and so on shu qi can be said to be “crystal girl” in the development of one of the best, with sexy figure, wonderful acting,From a young girl into a sexy “porn star”, to the strength of the queen, admirable.Now Shu Qi is still active in the film industry, she has “Rascal Love”, “Find her” and other films will be released.Speaking of Xu Dongdong, she is also a “crystal girl” who has cooperated with Wang Jing for many times. From The Man from Macau iii to Chasing the Dragon, it can be said that Wang Jing is very optimistic about Xu Dongdong.Xu Dongdong, who was born in 1990, first came to public attention with her role in “coconut water commercials”. She later appeared in TV dramas such as “Love Will Last” and “Ordinary Years”, but she did not lose her cool.It wasn’t until 2016 that she played the role of secretary Shen Jiawen in the online drama “More Than Sin”. Her image as a “gangster sister-in-law” made her an instant hit, attracting attention with her proud body.Since then, Xu has enjoyed a meteoric rise, playing the role of sasa in The Richest Man in Xihong City and Jenny Bai in Wang Jing’s Chasing the Dragon.Xu Dongdong in acting really need to improve, but she is very low-key, although rely on their very proud figure to attract gimmicks, but with respect to the level of appearance, Xu Dongdong is also a very temperament beauty.And in this year Xu Dongdong is also incarnate network drama queen shot “Chang ‘an Fu Demon” “boss woman” “werewolf kill” “Sister-in-law return” and many other works.Zhou Xiuna, an early model, entered the entertainment industry with her sexy and hot body. In her early career, Zhou Xiuna mostly appeared in comedy films and TV series, such as “Jo” and “Hua Hua Gumbo”.Later, She began to explore the potential of making thriller films such as “Evil Birth” and “A Nightmare to Kill”, in which her style was mainly based on sexy beauties.Later, she starred in “Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons”, “Anti-corruption Storm 4”, “Drug War” and other films, she conquered many audiences with her acting skills.Zhou Xiuna by virtue of the “crystal girl” name started, from the “sexy goddess” step by step to acting school, won a large number of audiences love.Today, She is 37 years old, but her figure is still hot, and her mature acting skills make her known as the successor to Dina.Hu Ran was born in 1990. After graduating from college, Hu Ran was introduced to Wang Jing’s agency by acquaintances. With her proud body and superb acting skills, she became a generation of “crystal girl”.In 2010, she starred in Director Wang Jing’s The Legend of The Lost Legend, followed by the Man from Macau trilogy for three consecutive years. She also played a sexy killer named Feng Wu in Ace of Jades.As a “crystal girl”, Hu first appeared in Wang jing’s films, playing Lame’s wife “A Qing” in 2017’s Chasing the Dragon. She also appeared in Wesley’s Blue Blood Man, Strange Man and I’m Not an Extra.Hu ran has a super high level of appearance and sexy body, and has no problem playing opposite the likes of Louis Koo and Chow Yun-fat.Now, she proved that she is not a body only “vase”, but a real actress.She made her debut at the age of 20 when she was discovered by a talent scout in 2010. In 2012, tong gained public attention for her role in director Wang Jing’s war film Greater Shanghai, becoming a new generation of “crystal girl”.In 2013, Tong Played the role of “Xiao Tie Ba” in The movie “The Man from Macau”. In 2014, Tong played Shi Yijian’s daughter “Ah CAI” in the movie “The Man from Macau”. In 2015, she played shi Yijian’s daughter “AH CAI” again in the movie “The Man from Macau 3”.Despite her impressive figure and pretty face, Tong fei never lost her cool. In recent years, she has not appeared in many films, including “Journey to the West” and “Poison”.Today’s Tong Fei is also in the film of each major network drama to do the heroine, development prospects or good.As a “crystal girl”, Qiu was once a model, and was once called “little Qiu Shuzhen” by Wang Jing for her sexy, hot figure and beautiful face.However, her appearance and acting in Wang Jing’s “New Lean on The Sky” have been ridiculed by many audiences recently, and many have questioned their relationship.Qiu entered the magazine world as a print model in 2010 and then entered the acting world in the movie “Who Moved My Dream?”Speaking of qiu Meaning thick acting, in fact, or good, “ancient sword strange tan” in the “stone demon” “Qin Beauty mingyue heart” in the sensitive lady, “the workplace is a technology to live” in the “bend bend” and so on.Then she met Wang Jing, the hot, sexy Rabbit in Chasing the Dragon 2, and Zhou Zhiruo in New Sky.It can be said that Qiu yinong’s performance in The new Sky greatly reduced the impression of the audience on her, and the label “plastic face, silicone face” was attached to her for a while.Now, qiu Yinong’s image as a “crystal girl” has plummeted due to the new Sky.Yun Qianqian, as an actress after 2000, is a new generation of “crystal girl” held by Wang Jing.Born in 2000, Yun entered the entertainment industry in 2015 for her role in Ten Squad Leaders. In 2019, she starred in Wong Jing’s Film Tang Bo Hu Dian Chow-Heung 2019, and in the same year, Chasing the Dragon 2 and Chasing the Dragon: One Billion Inspector.In 2022, she played the role of “Xiao Zhao” in “New Sky”, which gave an amazing performance.Cloud qianqian appearance level is high acting is good, is a very potential “00 after floret”, as wang Jing director force hold the new person, the future has a bright future.These are the current situation of wang Jing’s 12 “crystal girls”, who have one characteristic: sexy charm and hot body.However, many of them have retired, many of them are we used to “goddess”, all beautiful.Nowadays, some people are still beautiful even after 50 years old, while others are ridiculed for their “silicone face”. It can only be said that there is a big gap between the old and new generations of “crystal girls”.