The baby wants to go to kindergarten, enter the kindergarten physical examination parents complete guide!

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Do parents know that their children are going to kindergarten soon?There is one thing that must be done before children enter kindergarten, that is to take your baby to do the kindergarten entrance examination. All new children and children who need to transfer to kindergarten need to do the kindergarten entrance examination.Required items: routine examination (height, weight, cardiopulmonary auscultation, vision screening, hearing screening, oral examination, blood routine, alanine aminotransferase, etc.).Optional items: blood type, hepatitis B five items, 25 hydroxyvitamin D test, bone density test, intelligent development assessment, dental caries risk assessment, etc.If problems are found in the examination, further relevant examination can be carried out according to the specific situation of the child, such as electrocardiogram, abdominal B-ultrasound, etc.What does hospital of people of high – tech new area check – up flow have?1. Online registration of child health clinic/pediatric clinic (for e-health card) 2. Physical examination form of child health clinic/pediatric clinic and physical examination;3. Blood collection in the laboratory on the second floor of the outpatient building.4. Go to the laboratory to print the laboratory test sheet according to the time informed by the laboratory;Bring the physical examination form and the test form back to the child health clinic/pediatric department to fill in the physical examination form and the doctor’s signature.5. The report form shall be affixed with the seal of the treatment desk in the lobby on the first floor.What should I pay attention to?1. An empty stomach is required on the day of the physical examination.2. If the child is in the period of illness, you can not carry out a physical examination, you can wait for a complete recovery to come again.3. Wear loose, comfortable and convenient clothes for the baby, ensure the temperature is moderate, do not wear tight underwear.4. It is best for parents to communicate with children about physical examination items in advance, such as blood drawing, so that children have psychological preparation, but also through games and other forms, and children to rehearse the examination items to be done in advance, to remind children to cooperate with the doctor.Tips: The children’s Health Clinic and the pediatric clinic of the People’s Hospital of High-tech Zone carry out the physical examination program at the same time, and parents can choose to go for the examination.Children who do not have health check-up at the age of 3 can choose to go to the child health clinic for physical check-up. The physical check-up can be carried out at the same time with the health check-up at the age of 3 to avoid multiple blood draws for the child and reduce pain.Opening time of children’s health Care Outpatient Clinic: Sunday to Friday morning: 8:00 — 11:30 p.m. : 1:30 — 5:00 consulting telephone: 0536-7516072 Address: Qingchi vaccination Outpatient hall on the first floor (north entrance) pediatric outpatient clinic opening time: Monday to Sunday morning: 8:00 — 11:30 p.m. : 1:30 — 5:00 consultation telephone: 0536-7516236 Address: the second floor of the outpatient clinic (south gate into) editor: Zhang Yuli source: Weifang High-tech Zone People’s Hospital Weifang High-tech Zone release comprehensive finishing