What kind of wine is brandy?The famous style choice is TA

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Wine image often appear in various kinds of works of art, such as the pioneer cubism georges braque, once in 1930, to create a classic “the brandy bottle on the table and guitar, under his flair, out of the still life brandy on the table, as if with the rhythm of life, let a person can’t help but want to raise your glass and drink.So brandy is to belong to what wine, what kind of brandy can be called fine goods, worth people carefully appreciate it?This article will take you to understand in detail.What kind of wine is brandy?Louis XIII, extraordinary brandy is known as the “soul of wine”, it is a fruit as raw materials of distilled wine, after fermentation, distillation, storage and brewing.Of course, in order to understand Brandy, it is not enough to know what brandy belongs to. After all, There are three different grades of Brandy: VS, VSOP and XO.VS(Very
Aged in oak for at least 2 years, VSOP(Very Superior Old Pale) aged in oak for at least 4 years, XO(Extra Old):
Aged in oak barrels for at least 6 years.As cognac in the top grade, Louis xiII’s aging time is longer.The birth of a bottle of Louis xiii, condensed the wine master life enthusiasm, they have to offer talent and wisdom to Louis xiii of brewing, the “water of life” after the metamorphosis of century alternation to show in front of the world, therefore cannot live to personal taste wine masters to allocate the final results of their own.What kind of wine is brandy?Louis XIII, worth collecting the selection of brandy commonly used raw materials to grapes, and grape production area is an important factor to determine the quality of brandy.Excellence comes from terrology, the Louis 13 of fine goods in wine is made by the water of as many as thousands of kinds of life carefully deploy and become, the water of life that these use at deploy, come from the high grade grape of terrology that breeds at French cognac area core area — big champagne area.The Grand Champagne region is a picturesque landscape of hills and ravines, low stone walls and rows of grapevines.It is also an area of intense difference, where the gray-black soil contrasts with the chalky walls glistening in the sun, and where Louis XIII sits in the tilken oak casks of the family estate, waiting to be released.What kind of wine is brandy?For people with style and appreciation, Louis XIII is a classic choice that can’t be missed.With its outstanding local conditions and century-old history, it has traversed the ups and downs of human civilization through continuous innovation and breakthroughs, and stepped into a new era with a more unique and elegant posture.Shortly before, Louie 13 official declared new spokesman — popularity star Chen Weiting, regard as actor of real force group, he breaks boundary, interpretation true attitude, also perfect deduction gives louie 13 vanguard concept.The cooperation of both is classic and tide confluence, this kind of craftsmanship of Louie 13 makes, not allow to miss more.