After FPX lost to LNG, the official bo fell!Doinb openly cheered for Lwx after the game, leaving fans in tears

2022-06-24 0 By

LNG beat FPX 2-1 in LPL’s last game before the spring season to win its fifth straight spring tournament.After the end of the game FPX official bo fell, mainly the middle side of the gap is too big.On the LNG side, doinb called out LWX, leaving many fans in tears.Many fans think Gori is the worst player, and after watching so many games last year, Gori feels that he can’t beat anyone in the line period, and can only wait for the team hero in the late period. Many people say that the gap in the middle is too big, hope to quickly come to a replacement center.Of course, there are also those who criticize single tiger, he also gave a lot of opportunities.FPX fans are also encouraging FPX, saying it is already good to be able to compete with LNG like this.After the game, Doinb said in an interview that he was very happy to win FPX, because he did nothing but won lying down, so he was very happy.In the interview, he also called out his old teammate Lwx: Although we are no longer together, I will always support you. I hope you can come on in the next match. You are a team leader of FPX now.Beta believes that Gori’s ability against the line is indeed weak in these games of LPL, but his team play is good. FPX seems to have no other middle singles at present, so we can only hope that he will have a good training in the off-season during the Spring Festival and look forward to seeing Gori’s changes after the New Year.Another FPX the squad was completed in just a, everyone for their expectations are not high, because the carrying power look not so strong, no star players, but can play the grades, has been very good, now in addition to single Gori on line problem, and he also in urgent need of progress in Chinese,The running-in degree of other FPX teammates needs to be strengthened.As for Doinb’s Lwx in the interview, many people were in tears. After all, they used to win the championship together and have a good personal relationship with each other. Now they are playing well in the new team after they become rivals.Come on, everybody!So, what do you have to say about this?