Clash Royale: Why are more players abandoning collectors?The problem lies in these three areas

2022-06-24 0 By

Hello everyone, I am little prince.There is a card once brilliant, but no one is interested in, is very rely on the operation of the collector.With every update, not only did the collector not get any incremental improvements, but it was ignored by cr and players.The following small emperor to give you a detailed analysis of the reasons for the decline of the collector and the current version is still worth using, I hope to give you in the future to bring help in the war.First, easy to accept.The collector’s blood is not high, because of the effect, the cost is not low, which ushered in his biggest drawback, easy to be solved.Whether it is fireball, arrow rain, or big electricity, rocket, used to solve the collector is not to lose.Coupled with flying barrels and drilling RIGS, the existence of the collector is greatly threatened.Although the collector can accumulate holy water together for use, but it takes a certain time, which leads to the collector is easy to be solved, or suddenly hit a wave of loss.Second, the effectiveness of combat is diminishing.As the version continues to update, new cards continue to increase, the battle mode gradually changed to fast attack, which makes the collector’s slow pace more and more vulnerable.And to the high section, suddenly six fee gap, enough to put the opposite directly on the high ground, even if the collector is not solved, until the collector effect, directly lost a defense tower, this invisible is directly inferior opening.And the use of the collector skill requirements are very high, earning cost defense is the top priority in the early stage, and to the high section, the technical level is similar, which will make the collector to play will be more energy.Third, the collector attributes are too single.In the damage for the king of the royal war, no damage, no deceleration, more holy water can be reflected after a period of time, only through this aspect, we use the collector is also relying on feelings.However, the collector is not not to play, more than the cost of entertainment against, sometimes can also have a very good effect.In addition, good use of the collector also need to have a strong sense of war, find the opposite card sequence blank, in the opposite spell brush out before play.And collector card group usually need to bring some cheat fireball cards, such as three guns (it seems not a good cheat fireball card), undead army, etc., as long as the opposite fireball out, here immediately make a collector.Well, thank you for your support all the time. If you think this article is helpful to you, you can click the button below to praise and recommend it to inspire the little emperor.If you want to play with the little emperor, you can enter the little Emperor tribe, jingzhuang No.1 courtyard (full can add Jingzhuang no.2 courtyard) welcome to join ~