In the end of The Beginning, the cycle finally stops and everyone on the bus has a happy life

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Cha-cha entertainment “The Beginning” finale, the cycle finally stopped, the people on the bus have a happy life On January 25, “the Beginning” to the final finale, Lu Di revealed the plot honestly don’t deceive me, the people on the bus all survived, too happy!Everyone who would have died had a happy ending.Old coke achieved what he wanted to become a hero, he finally had money to buy a small donkey delivery, but also became an excellent rider.Ma Guoqiang’s wife and son accepted him and no longer regarded him as a plague.Brother Yi, a live broadcast master, has become a positive energy online celebrity, with a lot of followers.Ludi’s parents got the message and dressed up as cartoon characters and brought hairless cats to congratulate ludi.Lou, the apostle of cats, the Conqueror of asthma, the chosen one of the light, Di, finally got his own kitten.The tearful purpose was that the anger was gone from Aunt Pan’s eyes, and there was light in them.If eyes can be a knife, then Wang Xingde may have been cut to pieces when he met the person responsible for the indirect death of his daughter in the detention center.The show’s protagonists, Li Shiqing (Zhao Jinmai) and Xiao Heyun (Bai Jingting), become lovers, and the cycle ends.What could be more profound than to live and die 24 times?The last set of slow motion sway everyone’s happiness in the future, just like the atmosphere of the Spring Festival Gala, I can’t help but see the mouth of the ear, the real reunion ah!