King 15 store update, Wang Zhaojun limited, life love return, glory crystal discount

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2. Double Recharge bonus 3. Glory Crystal Discount 4.New skin skin debris store update 5. Sun ce online introduction: king glory version of the Lantern Festival is coming finally, king glory this time will be 15th in a wave of small updates, which launched a large number of welfare activities, and some limit skin back, but no list of monkeys, monkeys thought wed will be back for another, or I think too much.In addition, there are daily recharge events, glory Crystal discount events, skin shard store updates, and some new skin news.Well, without further ado, let’s learn about it.In this Lantern Festival, officials prepared two sets of limited skin return activities, namely wang Zhaojun and Luna limited skin.First is Luna’s life love, this is also one of the limited skin of Valentine’s Day, the same series of skin also has Sun Wukong’s Wedding, but sun Wukong’s wedding did not return in this activity, only Luna’s life love.Back for price is 888 point, and the official made it clear that luna at the back for a lifetime love, will not straight back for sale again, that is to say, the follow-up back will be changed to limit drawing, so the skin like luna players must not miss, this is the last time to sell, at the same time can also receive exclusive action.The second is wang Zhaojun’s idol singer star yuan skin night beauty fairy return, this return is through the gift bag return, the gift bag needs 50 coupons a, up to 120 to buy, and open 120 treasure boxes to obtain all star yuan skin, calculated down is to guarantee the bottom of the need for 6000 vouchers.Of course, lucky players don’t need to pay that much, rich players can do whatever they want, but for ordinary players, consider whether the skin is worth buying, or buy a few packs to try it out, and you might find a weapon.In addition, the Idol Singer skin will be added to the score Raiders, players who do not have this skin can try it.After knowing the news of limited skin return, let’s take a look at some common activities.When it comes to common activities, there is no doubt that the top up benefits, this time the official directly on the shelves of double top up benefits.First of all, from February 15 to February 17, there will be online accumulative recharge activities, the highest gear needs 1888 coupons, you can get the optional gift box, you can get defeat and return effects, or choose 4000 points of battle experience.Then from February 18th to February 21st, the daily top-up activity will start, and the overall reward will remain unchanged.For those of you who didn’t smoke your crystal before the Glory Crystal Discount, you will have the chance again.The discount activity is from February 18 to February 24, during which you can save a wave of points.If you don’t already have this skin, you can take a chance, because it’s totally up to you.Skin Shard Store update Of course, and the skin Shard store that we haven’t updated in a month has finally been updated.The fragments of the skin store added no new skin, four senior skin is the light of the sky, soul hackers, Christmas revellers and dark hidden hunting animals, it is worth mentioning that snow and ice waltz also happened to join, and over time the official will once again announced the skin, the optimization of the progress should be launched soon, also don’t have this skin can consider to change.Sun Ce Armageddon skin line in addition to the above activities, there is a new skin to join, that is, the third Armageddon series of skin.At present, the official has officially announced that the third mecha doomsday to Sun Ce, will be on the 18th midnight line, is a legendary skin, the first week needs 1350 points.Summary: The above is basically the Lantern Festival of King of Glory activities, we pay attention to double recharge benefits, you can calculate their point coupon consumption in this time, use the method of maximum recharge, you can get more glory points and other rewards.Ok, that’s all for this article. Do you have any other views?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.