Luohe this service team “has not come off duty”!They used their youth to guard the “epidemic” line

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The elephant news, Oriental today newspaper reporters Sun Xiaoyong correspondent Cao Jia art Li dandan/the graph is power epidemic prevention and control, the communist youth league municipal committee of the luo river the first time to the city initiative, arouse the youth league, youth volunteers to give full play to their role as the “powerhouse”, actively responded to an appeal by the party committees and governments at all levels and the orderly participation in epidemic prevention and control work.There is such a special group in Yancheng District, the volunteers of the quarantine point, who are going up retrograde.After receiving the call of CPC organization on March 27, As young league members and cadres of Forestry Technology Promotion Service Center of Yancheng District, Deng Lin and Xu Mengke take the initiative to sign up and volunteer to participate in the 14-day off-work epidemic prevention volunteer service, supporting the front line of epidemic prevention with their youth and blood.After intense training, two people arrive early on the night of the specified isolation hotel, with a special working team and staff to work, to kill of all hotel rooms, and actively coordinate related departments overnight for epidemic prevention materials, the deployment of equipment, the isolation between installation and so on a series of work, day in continuous battle, to receive enough preparation in contact personnel.Since they arrived at the quarantine site, the two of them, along with two other workers and three medical workers, have formed a volunteer service team called “Never leave work” to shoulder the living service work at the quarantine site.In order to reduce the removal of protective clothing, they drank as little water as possible, wore for more than a dozen hours, and took turns to shoulder the tasks of comprehensive disinfection, temperature measurement, food delivery, nucleic acid testing, and psychological counseling of quarantined personnel, and dealt with emergencies.In their words, “no matter how long the night is, as long as you hold on, the dawn will eventually come!”Pay a navigation, 23, was a graduate of henan university of science and technology, the reference appendix at home he saw in yancheng youth corps committee recruit resistance to disease of young volunteers message, even if they know the need to isolate and high-risk areas in 14 days return even red code personnel common isolation, he did not shrink, still sign up for disease resistance service firmly, notified the second day early in the morning,He showed up at the quarantine gate.Fu Yihang did not expect that his graduate student’s preparation for the second test was actually carried out in the isolation point wearing the “Baymax” suit.”Sorry I am busy, I will reply to you later!”These days, Fu Yihang and the youth League committee contact staff on wechat said the most.After arriving at the isolation point, fu Yihang was mainly responsible for collecting personnel information, making reports, communicating with other isolation points and control offices, building a bridge for communication between quarantined personnel and the outside world, and taking part in food delivery and disinfection tasks due to her proficiency in computer operation and table making skills.From time to time, they also need to act as a psychological “massager” to understand the psychological condition of isolated personnel and comfort them.During the rest time, he will also take out the review materials with him to prepare for the upcoming second examination of graduate students.He hopes that the epidemic will soon end, and he can enter a higher level of learning environment to learn higher-level knowledge, so as to repay the cultivation of the Party and the state, as well as his hometown and society.What is needed must be done.In this war of resistance, more and more young volunteers, communist Youth league members to join the army to fight “epidemic”, in the line of fire to release the strength of youth, with writing a moving youth chapter.